Fun Flap Card & DIY Bag Tutorial by Elisabeth

Hello G45ers!

Discover the enchanting world of paper crafting with Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Elisabeth Hogarth! Join us as we explore two mesmerizing projects crafted by the talented Elisabeth.

Kicking things off with a set of Fun Flap Fold Cards using the vibrant Life’s a Bowl of Cherries paper collection, Elisabeth brings these interactive cards to life, adding unexpected surprises and hidden elements that are sure to make hearts flutter. Get ready to unleash your creativity and create captivating cards that will leave a lasting impression!

Next, we have a how-to tutorial on making a Storage Bag for our ATC Tag and Pocket Albums using the exquisite Portrait of a Lady 12×12 papers. This DIY Bag is also a fabulous gift bag and would look great done up in any G45 paper collection.

Join us on this creative journey and let Elisabeth Hogarth inspire you to embrace the art of paper crafting!


Fun Flap Fold Cards

By Elisabeth Hogarth


Life’s A Bowl of Cherries is such a bold uplifting collection. This set of fun flap fold cards will remind you of warm, bright sunny days, picking cherries and other fruits from the trees and sharing picnics with your friends and family.

This quick reel will show you the idea behind this relatively easy and effective fold and the photos below will show how to create your own.




Begin by cutting a piece of the patterned paper from the Life’s A Bowl of Cherries 12×12 collection.  I worked with a 6”x6” kraft card base, therefore my piece of paper was the same size. 

Cut a coordinating base layer measuring 5 ⅛” x 5 ⅛”



Mark the centre of the 6”x6” patterned square by measuring down from the top at 3”.  Turn 90 degrees and repeat.  The middle is where the two lines meet.



Next, align each corner with the centre point and carefully fold.



Repeat for all four corners



Bring the inner point to the outside edge of the square.



Add a foam pad to each point.



Add two foam pads to each corner – where the main square fold meets.



Add the chosen image to the centre of the square.  This will hide the pencil marks. Then stick down the foam-padded points.



Add foam tape and glue to the 5 ⅛”x 5 ⅛” patterned square and adhere it to the kraft base card. 



Then add glue to the fun flap fold topper and adhere this to the card.



Add embellishments to decorate.



There are many joyful designs in Life’s a Bowl of Cherries and any number of them will work with this fun flap fold idea.




It would be wonderful to see your versions of this fun flap fold card.  Share your makes on the Graphic 45 Official Community Facebook Group.

Happy paper crafting!

Love Elisabeth




Think about the direction of the pattern before committing to the fold.

Use a bone folder to create sharp neat edges.

Slightly overlap the outside point of the triangle to create an offset design.



Graphic 45 Life’s A Bowl of Cherries 12×12 papers

Graphic 45 Life’s A Bowl of Cherries Ephemera

Graphic 45 Flowers

Kraft Card Blanks 6”x6”


Wet Glue

Foam Pads and Tape





How to Make a Storage Bag for ATC Tag & Pocket Album

By Elisabeth Hogarth


“How stunning the Portrait of Lady collection is!  To safely store my recently made ATC Tag and Pocket Album, I created a stylish bag.  




To create a 4 ½” x 5 ¼” x 3” bag – begin by scoring and cutting two sheets of A4 cardstock

lengthwise at 1” / 4” / 8 ½”.  Then cut at 9 ½”.



Turn and score along the bottom of the card at 3”



Use a bone folder to crease and burnish all these score lines.



Starting with the 1” tab and the 3” score line at the base.  Cut away the smallest rectangle.  Then cut in at a 45-degree angle to create an extended tab.



Next, carefully cut along the score line at the 4” mark and again create a tab by cutting in at 45 degrees



Add double-sided tape to both 1” tabs.  Then attach to the 3” panel.  



This will create the sides of the bag.



Now fold in the base panels.  Start with the large rectangle, followed by the two side panels.  



Then cover these with the remaining rectangle panel.This will create a solid base for the bag.



Cut four patterned pieces of paper from the 12×12 sheets.  

2 of 4 ⅜” x 5 ⅛”

2 of 2 ⅞” x 5 ½”

Adhere these to the four sides of the bag.



Measure down approximately 1” and in from the two sides at 1 ½”.  Then make 4 holes.



Thread two pieces of ribbon through the punched holes.  Add a small knot and a piece of clear tape to secure the ribbon in place.



Add a small journal card to the front of the bag to decorate.



This size bag will comfortably hold a Graphic 45 ATC Tag and Pocket Album – including additional 3D embellishments on the cover.



Happy paper crafting!  Love Elisabeth xx


To view the completed Portrait of a Lady ATC Tag and Pocket Album – watch the tutorial on Elisabeth Hogarth Designs YouTube Channel


Portrait of a Lady collection 

Precious Pink Ribbon 

Other products

2 sheets of ivory cardstock (200gsm)

Double-sided tape

Wet glue




Measure the depth of the finished ATC Album.  Add a ¼”.  Then measure out the side panels of the bag.

Remember to burnish the score lines for a crisp finish.

The length of the ribbon depends upon the length of the handles.

Add invisible tape to secure the knotted ribbon inside the bag.


Happy Papercrafting!


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