Handmade Travel Journal Tutorial


Hello, G45ers!

  Create a Handmade Travel Journal with us today.  Below Janus Zate shows us in a video tutorial how to create our own Journal and Notebooks that could be great for watercoloring, project inspiration, or used to jot down notes.  We love how simple and chic these notebooks are, plus they do a great job highlighting our Blossom paper collection.

Handmade Watercolor Travel Journal

By Janus Zate


“Hello G45ers! It’s Janus here to share with you this handmade watercolour travel journal I made using Graphic 45’s Blossom collection.


Apart from being a scrapbook crafter and art journalist, I am also a watercolour artist. I often have watercolour journals and sketchbooks with me to document my progress since I don’t like having loose sheets lying around the house. 


I’m also very particular with the papers that I use so I tend to make my own journals so that everything meets my needs as an artist.



Tip: When keeping a watercolour journal, it’s best to keep embellishments less bulky with minimal dimensions as it will helps avoid deforming any of the papers and artworks created within.


The Blossom collection is rather one of my favourite collections from Graphic 45 because I love painting flowers and I think this goes well with my style.


Video Tutorial:

Blossom Travel Journal by Janus Zate for Graphic 45



Graphic 45 Supply List:  


Other Materials: 

  • Double Sided Tape

  • EVA Foam Sheet

  • Pink Elastic Cord 

  • Cold Laminating Film (Leather)

  • Journal Bow Charm

  • Single Hole Puncher

  • Scissors 


Thank you for joining me today and I hope this inspires you to create something of your own.” ~Janus






Happy Papercrafting! 


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