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Hello, G45ers!

  Happy Fri-yay!  We are excited to get to introduce the Queen of Mini Albums and Elegance, Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Lea Muskotevc aka Memories By Lea.  For Lea’s #G45Selfie project she has created an Interactive Scrapbook Album from scratch using our Communique collection(retired) and some chipboard sheets.  Enjoy her video walkthrough to see all the fantastic details of this album and be sure to take notes through the Album Cover Tutorial to use on your next project.  Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to leave a warm welcome for Lea in the comments below. 

Lea Muskotevc aka Memories By Lea – Norway

Graphic 45 2020-2021 Brand Ambassador


“Hello, Graphic 45 enthusiasts!

My name is Lea, by my sweetheart called Bella. On social media, you can find me by the nickname Memories By Lea. I am glad to be selected as one of brand ambassadors for Graphic 45. Since the release of their first collections, Graphic 45 papers have been my first choice when it comes to preserving my memories. I hope you will get inspired by my projects to create beautiful memories for yourself and your loved ones.


I live in Norway with my husband who is also my biggest fan and supporter in everything I do. No matter how much I like Norway I need to escape from cold, gray and dark days to catch some sun and fill my body with vitamin D. Few months a year I spend in my second home in beautiful Slovenia, the country with beautiful mountains, green rivers and a short but sweet coastal area. Its location gives me the opportunities to spend as much time as possible in its neighboring countries – Italy and Austria historically enriched and Croatia with the most beautiful Adriatic sea.


I finished Medical school. Soon after, I realized I am too soft to be working in the medical profession. I tried to figure it out where my place is in this world. So I signed to the University of Economics, majoring in Banking and Finance. But there was still something missing. I guess I had that artistic gene in me that had to come out somehow.


I have been an artsy and crafty person since I remember. It started early in my childhood with all those beautiful paper dolls. I could be in a state of cutting them and creating by imagination my own for days or months straight. My little girl’s imagination worked to the fullest. All my school notebooks were filled with images for every school subject. I cut apart all magazines and everything that was at my fingertips. My family members always had to be careful that things would not get into my hands. Yes, even back then I was a hoarder of all kinds of supplies.

I have always loved old black and white pictures. It did not matter whom they belonged to. I just loved looking at them and imagined about all the life stories of all those people in photos. Believe it or not, I have had an idea of storing pictures in albums in a different way even before I knew about the beautiful world of scrapbooking. I always complained about the way our family photos were stored and displayed in those old albums. I really give credit to my family and later my husband for putting up with me by bothering them with something that ‘’did not exist’’ in their mind. But it did in mine.

My life hasn’t been the same since the day I walked myself into a scrapbook store in Chicago which happened to be my home for so many years. You can only imagine what happened with my brain that day. I have played with beautiful papers since. And not to forget I am still a hoarder of all hoarders.

I spend almost every day designing albums. I love making all kinds of albums, storage boxes, and home decor projects. I love vintage style with a touch of elegance.

When I am not occupied with paper you can find me exercising and cooking. I strive for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s not forget books. I am an avid reader and book lover.


I am eager for knowledge. I learn and get inspired by so many things around me on a daily basis. I love life and try to be happy and positive each and every single day. Being a music lover, my mornings start and days end with music. That makes me a big Elvis Presley fan who happens to be a huge inspiration in my life. You will also find me creating projects featuring Elvis as the main character. 


OMG. When I get into talking I can not stop. I am known for being a passionate speaker. I hope I was short with my speech. I tried to be.


You can also find me on social media:






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Communique Mini Album

By Lea Muskotevc aka Memories By Lea 


Hello, Graphic 45 crafters!

Today I would like to share my first project with you. With this project, I would like to introduce myself as an album designer. It represents my style. I like to call myself a vintage girl.

I love making my albums from scratch. Sometimes I like to create an album by layering more papers together to enjoy them and using all kinds of dies and embellishments. Some other time I would concentrate on creating an album using fewer embellishments and putting more photos in an album. It all depends on the theme of the album and the number of photos I have from a particular occasion.


For today’s project, I chose beautiful Communique papers. I like designing with all colors. One day I am into a dark paper mode, the other day I am completely opposite.

Communique papers are a perfect choice for creating an album to store black and white photos.


Sometimes I get ideas for my albums very quickly. But it can also happen I struggle with an idea for an album design for days. And those albums are the ones that give me the most satisfaction at the end.

The front cover to me is the most important process of designing an album. Beautiful album covers always call for an album to be taken in your hands and have a look inside. 

I like to create frames of all shapes and sizes to bring the image, a quote, or a photo to life.



It is very important to store your albums away from dust, humid, cold or direct sunlight. I usually store them in cabinets with glass. They really lighten up the room. If they don’t find their place in cabinets, I will store them in handmade storage boxes and place them on shelves. 

If you watch my YouTube videos, you will see my albums on the shelves without storage boxes. Those are not my personal albums with photos inside. 





I include chipboard embellishments in my albums on a regular basis. I like to fill those small holes with flat back rhinestones or pearls. 





I hope my album inspired you and made you want to create one of your own. Pictures usually don’t give projects justice so I invite you to watch Walk Through of the album.


If you would like to create a cover of the album there is also a step by step tutorial in the video.


Album Cover Tutorial:

Album Cover Tutorial by Lea Muskotevc for Graphic 45


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this blog post. Don’t forget to come back to see what I will be creating next.” ~Lea 


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Communique – Deluxe Collector’s Edition Pack

Cityscapes – Passport 12×12 Sheet

Enchanted Forest – Gilded Grandeur 12×12 Sheet

Happy Papercrafting!


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