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Hello, G45ers!

Today we have an amazing G45 Tag tutorial by our Brand Ambassador, Joanne Bain.  In this step by step tutorial, Joanne uses our Bloom collection to create this adorable #ClubG45LeveledUp project.

Bloom Leveled Up Gift Tag

By Joanne Bain


“Hi G45er’s

Joanne here with you today to share my gift tag following the instructions from the Club G45 Volume 6 Sunkissed Gift Tags by Maria Cole but I have leveled it up. For my tag, I chose to create with the beautiful Bloom Collection. So how did I level up the already gorgeous gift tag?  Well, let's take a look.


Club G45 Gift Tag Tutorial Video:


[Tutorial] Gift Tags: Club G45 Vol 6 Featuring Sun Kissed






The tag is the same size as the original Sunkissed tag and looks pretty similar, but I have added some hidden extras. The front of the tag actually opens up to reveal a place to slide in a gift card plus a place to write your special message.



A gift card can be slid in behind the fussy cut image on the flap on the left side.




The G45 key that is tied to the top of the tag with the ribbon now is actually used to keep the front flap closed as well as adding extra interest to the tag.


To level up your gift tags follow these additional steps.


Step 1. You will need these Bloom Journaling & Ephemera Cards



Step 2. You will need this card and fold in half as shown below.



Step 3. You will need this card and cut part as shown below.



Step 4. You will need this card. Fussy cut image as shown below.



Step 5. You will need to trim the edge from one of the cards below as shown.



Step 6. Using a spare tag cut a rectangle as shown slightly larger than the card above.



Step 7. Attach the cards now as shown.



Step 8. Continue to attach as shown.



Step 9. Attach fussy cut image as shown. Only lightly glue around the outer edge as this will be a pocket.



Step 10. Attach and layer front cover pieces on as shown.



Step 11. Attach ivory backing as shown below.



Step 12. Now attach to the tag as shown and continue following the Club G45 Tutorial to finish tag.




Supply List:

Regular Tags—Ivory

Shabby Chic Metal Clock Keys

Bloom Ephemera Cards

Bloom 8x8 Pad

Graphic 45:

4501221 Regular Tags – Ivory

4501294 Shabby Chic Metal Clock Keys

4501876 Bloom Journaling & Ephemera Cards

4501870 Bloom 8×8 Paper Pad


I hope I have inspired you to give the gift tag a try.

Happy Papercrafting”






Happy Papercrafting!


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