Storage Tips & Desk Organizer Tutorial

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  It is a great time to organize your craft supplies.  Today on the Graphic 45 blog, Cecilia Zertuche shares three organization tips along with a brilliant Desk Organizer Tutorial.  Cecilia makes this storage container out of an old canister of oatmeal, so we encourage you to grab something similar and play along.


Storage Tips & Desk Organizer Tutorial 

By Cecilia Zertuche


Tip: If you can’t find the storage box it is in your mind, try to make it, with chipboard, gesso, white cement, it will last a lot of time.



Tip: Use stuff you have at home, as this oatmeal pot altered to be a handy storage while working, now when I’m on a project I don’t lose the scissors 🙂

Tip: with leftover papers and stickers you can create something that helps in creative process.”~Cecilia


Video Tour and Desk Organizer Tutorial:

Storage Tips & Desk Organizer Tutorial by Cecilia Zertuche for Graphic 45










Happy Papercrafting!  


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