Tag Album with Waterfall Feature


Hello, G45ers!

  It is a beautiful day on the Graphic 45 blog.  We are thrilled to share Janus Zate‘s fun and frilly Ephemera Queen Tag Mini Album with interactive waterfall elements.  Janus has used our Waterfall Card Set as inspiration for her #ClubG45LeveledUp project.  We love how she used tags instead of card bases showing off how versatile these tutorials can be.  

Tag Mini Album with Waterfall Feature

By Janus Zate


“Hello G45ers! It’s me, Janus, and today I’m sharing with you this Tag Album using Ephemera Queen.


This is a project actually inspired by the Club G45 Card Volume 11 by Ginger Ropp and I wanted to add my own spin to it by using tags. I was inspired by the waterfall effects on the cards and I wanted to make one as part of a mini album. While this projects stands as a unit, each piece can actually function individually. The design allows the pieces to both work all on their own or together.


Tip: For small projects, you can allot 5-10 elements to minimize overwhelming or overdecorating your design.


I like creating tags and smaller scaled projects like to these from time to time, just to take some of the pressure off and mindlessly create something without it overwhelming my thoughts. 


They’re also a great way to prepare for any art trade or gift giving you may encounter in the future. So these handy little projects are not just fun, but useful for gift giving.


Tip: Add contrasting to your layout to allow the colours to pop. While my design is dominantly pink shades, I added some blue colored elements to add balance.


Video Tutorial:

Tag Mini Album Tutorial by Janus Zate for Graphic 45


Graphic 45 Supply List:  


Other Materials: 

  • Hot Glue 

  • Scissors

  • Hard Tulle

  • Scrap Lace Fabric

  • Tacky Glue


Thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed this project.” ~Janus 






Happy Papercrafting!  


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