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Hello, G45ers!

  Happy Friday Crafters! With the school season just starting up it is the perfect time to create a School Photo Keepsake Box.  Below you will find a genius video tutorial by Marina Ignatova showing you how to take an ordinary box and turn it into a gorgeous place to store your photos. We encourage you to try this tutorial at home, and when you are done be sure to share your work with us on Instagram using the #Graphic45 hashtag. 


Back to School Photobox

By Marina Ignatova


“Hello dear friends! 

September is here – school time. I remember my years of training with warmth, and many pleasant memories remain in my head. Even more wonderful moments are stored school photos, which according to my mother printed a lot! But all of them are stored in different places in the parent’s home, so the photos have yet to be put together. And they will definitely be enough for the album, and still remain. Therefore, I will make the album later, when the photos will be on hand, but for now I have a beautiful photo box. Undoubtedly the most atmospheric paper from the collection An ABC Primer was chosen for the box and future album. It seems to me that this collection once started my bottomless love for the G45!


I studied at gymnasium No.22, in classes with the letter “M”, because the profile was mathematical. These important and memorable signs for me appeared on the cover of the photo box. I love talking, symbolic projects, even if their meaning is clear only to me)))


I made a step-by-step video tutorial for you on decorating the box. I hope it will be useful to you. Enjoy your viewing! 


Video Tutorial:

School photobox for G45 Tutorial | Scrapbooking


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Happy Papercrafting!  


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