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  Come on baby do the twist… slide, and pop-up!  In this post, we have a mesmerizing mini album that has been inspired by our Club G45 Vol 09 Pop Up Album.  This album by Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Vera Shelemekh, has most definitely been taken to new heights for our #ClubG45LeveledUp series.  Below you will learn how to create an album along with a parallel photo slider, and be sure to take the video tour to see each of the interactive elements come to life.   


Pop-Up, Slide, & Twist Mini Album

By Vera Shelemekh


“Hello, Graphic45 fans. Today I’m excited to share my album based on the idea from Club G45 Vol 09 Pop Up Album.

I also used Magic of Oz – Deluxe Collector’s Edition to create a pop-up album but I paid more attention to photo popups. For this purpose, I made an album with extensions between pages as photo sliders and photo twisters need more space.

In my step by step tutorial, I’ll show how to make the base and a parallel photo slider with decor on top.


  1. Prepare eight 8"x8" sheets of cardstock, four 1/2"x8" cardstock stripes and four 2"x8" fabric stripes.


  1. Adhere cardstock stripes to fabric stripes with double sided tape placing them in the middle.


  1. Sew the cardstock stripes to the fabric.


  1. Cut the corners of fabric stripes with scissors.


  1. Glue the cardstock sheets to the fabric elements placing them on either side of the cardstock stripes.


  1. You will get 4 spreads for your album.


  1. Measure the width of the spine and cut a rectangle which is 2 inches wider than the spine and as long as the base (in my case 8 In.) Cover it with glue.



  1. Adhere the rectangle to the spine with edges on front and back cover of the base.


  1. The base is ready.



  1. Take two sheets of Graphic45 Magic of Oz paper and cut square pieces a bit smaller from each side than the base pages. Combine papers if necessary. Adhere the sheets to the album pages.



  1. For the slider take one 5×5 sheet of cardstock and a piece of paper of the same size. Also prepare a 4×9  stripe of plastic (it may be a piece of paper wrapping) and 4×4 monotone paper.

  1. Cut two parallel slots in the cardstock detail stepping back from the edges about 1 ½ Inch



  1. Insert the plastic stripe into the slots


  1.  Join and glue the edges of plastic stripe. Plastic should move easily between the slots.


  1. Take the monotone sheets of paper and adhere one of it to the plastic stripe about 1 Inch from the edge. 

NOTE: It is important not to glue the whole surface of the sheet but only a small part along the edge.


  1. Adhere the second sheet on the other side of the moving plastic detail. Pull and push the sheet with your fingers. It should be moving easily.


  1. Adhere tiny stripes of thick cardstock on the edges of the construction (except the one where the monotone sheet is sticking out)  to make more space for moving parts.


  1. Cover the construction with Graphic45 paper gluing it on the tiny stripes of thick cardstock.


  1. Adhere the construction to the album page gluing the tiny cardstock stripes on the other side of it.


  1. Decorate the top of the construction with fussy cut elements and stickers. Use imagination 🙂



Adding more pop up construction for photos will add real Magic to the album. Please, find more ideas on the photos and in Video tour.


Video Tour:


Pop-Up, Slide, & Twist Album Tour for Graphic 45 by Vera Shelemekh



Wish you a good day and happy papercrafting!” ~Vera


























Twist & Fold Pop-Up Element Tutorial:

[Tutorial] Twist & Fold Pop-Up Card: Club G45 – Vol 04 2019 Featuring Love Notes




Tips and Tricks

  • Use the plot of the fairytale to build the sequence of scenes in the album.

  • Decorate all empty spaces and parts of constructions that are not moving.

  • Add fabric or metal elements. The base of this pop up album allows dimension



Graphic45 Supply List:

Magic of Oz - Deluxe Collector's Edition

Kraft 12x12 Chipboard Sheets (10 pack)



Other Supplies: 

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scoring stick
  • Ruler
  • Knife
  • Pencil
  • Piece of plastic wrapping
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Thick cardstock



Happy Papercrafting!  


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