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Hello, G45ers!

  We are excited to bring you not one, but TWO Travel Albums today!  Both of these albums have been dolled up and decorated by Grand Brand Ambassador from Japan, Yumi Muraeda!  We had the pleasure of hand delivering some of our BRAND NEW papers to Yumi this Summer at the ASD trade show in Las Vegas.  Yumi has taken our Life's a Journey and Dreamland paper collections and used them to create two stunning show-stopping Travel Journals.  Be sure to watch the video tours of both the journals to get some inspiring ideas that are great for mini albums and cards as well. 


Life's a Journey and Dreamland

will be available late September. 


2yumimuraedalifeisjurney のコピー

G45 Life's a Journey My Memory Book

By Yumi Muraeda 


“Hello, it followed by a day still hot


Today is the launch of this new Graphic45 paper.

Since it is scheduled to be released in September, I think that it will enter Japan around the end of September.


I went to an American Collins show in the summer and became a captive for the first time.


And there was a workshop to make a journal book, but unfortunately, it was the next opportunity because it was over capacity.


But I got some papers, so I made them after I got home.


There is also a video, so if you bought paper, you can make it here.


Life’s a Journey Video:


G45 Life's a Journey memory of my happy life



The most important thing to tell you here




I'm sorry that it's a little difficult to see, but it has a transparent cute envelope.


We received a lot of presents from Margie Fujii Higuchi at the Collins Show.


Here is what was in it. KEEPSAKE ENVELOPES by Scrapbook Adhesives.


Thank you very much Margie Fujii Higuchi.


Perfect for this journal book.


A little note and I stamped a small calendar.


Put it on the page you want


It will also be a date memo.




5yumimuraedalifeisjurney のコピー


6yumimuraedalifeisjurney のコピー


7yumimuraedalifeisjurney のコピー


8yumimuraedalifeisjurney のコピー


And here is a bonus.


I made this from Graphic45 Dreamland.



Dreamland Video:


Graphic 45 Dreamland special memory book


I got a little paper here too, so I was able to make it.


Why do you get all the new papers?


Yes, I am a Graphic Brand Ground Brand Ambassador.


Everyone, thank you.” ~Yumi



Graphic 45 Supply List:

Travel Album with Notebook Set

Notebook Set




Happy Papercrafting!



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