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  We are excited to share an Loaded Envelope video tutorial, Mailbox, and a bunch of helpful paper crafting tips with you today!  These romantic projects have been created by Brand Ambassador, Aleksandra Mihelič using our Love Notes paper collection, Rose Bouquet flower sets, and some of our favorite G45 Staples.  Grab some paper and scissors and let's get busy!  


G45 Love Notes Mailbox with Loaded Envelope

By Aleksandra Mihelič


“Hello, dear Graphic 45 friends and fans. For the last few months I’ve been creating with the gorgeous Love Notes collection so much, made so many beautiful projects, but this one, that I will share with you today, was actually in my mind from the first time I laid my eyes on this gorgeous collection. It’s actually an idea that came to my mind with a bit of playing with words and their meanings. Love Notes can be love notes in regards to the sound of music, but Love Notes can also be Love Letters, so my idea was to create a Mailbox.


I used a candle holder for a Mailbox stand and I build a Mailbox out of Graphic 45 Ivory Regular Book Box. The roof of the Mailbox is built with cardboard dressed into gorgeous Love Notes papers. Hope you’ll like my today’s inspiration.


This is quite a large project and it’s always a challenge to photograph it. I have a large piece of wallpaper leftovers with wooden structure and it comes handy when photographing such large scaled projects.


Here are some close-up photos of the project:


TIP 1: I love adding some chipboard pieces to add dimension and interest to my project. I also tend to use different papers from the paper collection so that the project looks more interesting and rich.


TIP 2: You can also use stickers as you would use chipboards. I make them more sturdy with a piece of cardboard that I glue on the back of the sticker, instead of a 3D foam tape. It makes the piece more sturdy and it also adds dimension to the project.


TIP 3: One of my absolute favourite things to do with Graphic 45 papers is fussy cut them. They are just perfect for it and the fussy cut images make perfect embellishments to make the project even richer.



TIP 4: Always look around your home to maybe find some home decor pieces that you don’t need anymore but would make the perfect addition to the project. I made the stand for this Mailbox out of a Candleholder.


TIP 5: If project “allows” me I love to add Graphic 45 Metal embellishment to hang from the project. This one was perfect for it. It already had a beautiful white heart attached to it with a ribbon and I added some Chipboard pieces and Metal embellishment.  


And with the Mailbox, of course, comes also the Letter or Envelope. So I decided to prepare a Loaded Envelope to finish this project off.




TIP 6: I love to use Graphic 45 Policy Envelopes for various different purposes. I had to rearrange this envelope a bit to fit the idea, so I cut off the upper part and then cut also into the bottom part. If something doesn’t quite fit your idea, just take your scissors and adapt it.



TIP 7: Make sure you really stuff it up, since it is a Loaded or Stuffed Envelope. This gives it such a special shabby look.




TIP 8: Also take care of the “hidden” spots, like the back of the Loaded envelope. It is important to think out every little detail of your project.


And I also have a surprise for you, a short video tutorial for making this lovely Loaded Envelope with Love Notes collection. Hope you’ll find it helpful and you’ll enjoy it.



Video Tutorial:


[Tutorial] Love Notes Loaded Envelope by Aleksandra Mihelič for Graphic 45



Supply list for the Love Notes Mailbox with Loaded Envelope:

Regular Book Box—Ivory

Shabby Chic Metal Clock Keys

Antique Brass Ornate Metal Key Holes

Policy Envelopes—Regular Black

Love Notes 8x8 Paper Pad

Love Notes 12x12 Collection Pack

Love Notes Chipboard

Love Notes Stickers

Love Notes Ephemera Cards

Rose Bouquet Collection—Triumphant Red

Rose Bouquet Collection—Classic Ivory & Natural Linen




I’ve also made a part-process video tutorial for you if you want to follow along and make your own project. You can find it on Graphic 45 Youtube channel. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day. 🙂


Hugs.” ~Aleksandra


We have fallen in love with these unique papercrafting projects!  Join us in thanking Aleksandra in the comments below for sharing this tutorial, and those eight useful tips!  Big thanks to you as well for stopping by for your daily dose of creative inspiration.  We hope to see you back here again tomorrow and in the meantime… 


Happy Papercrafting!

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