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Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to the Graphic 45 blog.  Today we have a Shabby Chic Card Set complete with a step by step video tutorial, by Sandi Nagel.  Sandi shows us how to think outside the collection's theme by using our beach themed paper collection, Sun Kissed to create these mixed media elegant and floral handmade cards.  So grab your Rose Bouquet Flower Set and let's have some creative fun!


Shabby Chic Card Tutorial

Featuring Sun Kissed

By Sandi Nagel


Hello G45ers!

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to make this beautiful Shabby Chic card using your paper, metals, flowers, leaf-dies, stamps and stamping pads from Graphic 45.



We’ll also be using several mediums, die-cuts, and glimmer mist to acquire that Shabby Chic effect.  You’ll find my full supply list in the area below the video.


The Tutorial

For this card making tutorial, we’ll be using a 5×7 pre-made, white card base; and the Graphic 45 Sun Kissed 8×8 Paper collection.

We’re also going to use a sheet from a watercolor paper pad. I like using this as the backing to our Graphic 45 papers, as it is heavier than card stock.  This way we’ll be able to apply mix media mediums to our Graphic 45 papers, without having to worry about it warping.



Tip: When die-cutting intricate die-cuts, try using watercolor paper. You’ll find that the shape is easier to remove from your metal-dies and it’s certainly sturdier than card stock. If you decide to use watercolor paper, you may have to run it through your die-cutting machine several times, depending on the amount of pressure that your die-cutting machine uses.

First, we’ll take care of the basics. Because our card will be front heavy, we’re going to need to balance the weight. we do this by adding an inside mat, and a back paper to our card base.

This is very simple to do. Since we’re using a 5×7 card base, you want to trim a piece for the back side at 4 7/8 by 6 7/8.  Then add your double-sided tape and adhere.

For the inside mat, trim another piece to 4 7/8 by 6 7/8. Adhere this piece to the inside. Then trim a plain piece of white card stock to 4 5/8 by 6 5/8. You’ll apply this piece directly over the inside paper.

For the front of your card, you’ll trim a piece of Graphic 45 Sun Kissed paper to 4 7/8 by 6 7/8, ink around the edges then apply to the front of your card using permanent double-sided tape.



You’ll trim another piece of plain, white card stock to about 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 and set it aside for later use.  This will be our visible Mat for the front of our card.  I say a “visible mat” because the piece of watercolor paper that we’ll use as the backing to our Graphic 45 front piece will be hidden from view.

Speaking of front pieces, you’ll trim a piece of paper from your Graphic 45 Sunkissed paper pad to 4 5/8 by 6 5/8.  You’ll then use your Graphic 45 stamp pad for your distressing ink, and ink around the edges.  The color that I use here is called Dark Cashmere.

Also, use a distressing tool around the edges to give it that worn effect.  If you don’t have a tool, you may use the edge of your scissors to get that same effect.


Once you’re done distressing your Graphic 45 paper, you’ll glue it down directly over your watercolor paper.


Now is a good time to apply some double-sided tape to the back.  In the video, I explain that we’ll be using double-sided tape and wet glue when it’s time to adhere this piece to the front of the card.



I white-wash around the edges using regular white craft paint.



With the use of a template, I add a design with some modeling paste.



Use a heating tool or dryer to dry the modeling paste.



I then add a bit of paint to a sponge brush and tap the brush with my hand to splatter bits of paint throughout.



Once my paint is dry, I’ll stamp this beautiful carnation design throughout.  The stamps that I’m using are from the Graphic 45 Time to Flourish collection.  I also use the Graphic 45 Stamping Pad in color: Photogenic.



Because I want my Shabby Chic card to have plenty of textures, I decided to add a piece of gauze. I use white gesso to adhere the gauze.



Before my project moves any further, I decided now is the perfect time to apply the front of our card design to our mat. Remember that white piece of card stock we previously trimmed and set to the side? That’s the very one we’ll use.



In my video, I explain that I take it to my sink so I can randomly spray some distressing glimmer mist. Although the glimmer mist came out a bit darker than I anticipated, it’s not a problem.  I dab on more white gesso and whitewash with craft paint to get the results that I want.

(I know it looks kind of messy right now, but trust me, the results are beautiful!)


I use gesso on a Graphic 45 Metal Door Plate.  The gesso works as a primer (as I’ll be painting the metal door plate using the white craft paint), and it will keep the metal glued on (when I hot-glue it to the card).


I hot glue the metal on the center of my card, and begin embellishing using flowers and dies from Graphic 45.



And the results are magnificent!



The Video – I’ve put together this step-by-step video tutorial for you.  It goes through the entire process. I highly encourage you to view it, before you begin your shabby chic card making project.

I hope that I’ve been able to provide you with some inspiration for your Graphic 45 projects.  Until next time. Happy Paper Crafting!" ~Sandi 


Video Tutorial:


Shabby Chic Card Tutorial | Graphic 45 Sun Kissed by Sandi Nagel



Supply List:






Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • White craft paint
  • brush or sponge
  • Gesso
  • Template
  • Modeling Paste
  • Glimmer Mist
  • Gauze
  • Hot glue
  • Wet glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Paper trimmer
  • 5×7 Card base
  • white card stock
  • Watercolor paper
  • Flourish Die-cuts
  • sequin


Wow, our compliments to the artist!  Join us in the comments by sending Sandi your gratitude for these stunning cards.  We thank you for stopping by for your daily dose of inspiration.  Have a wonderful day, and as always… 

Happy Papercrafting!

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