Winter Wonderland Holiday Box Great for Photos & Party Games

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Today, Brand Ambassador Lena Astafeva is here to share her festive Winter Wonderland  box, great for storing holiday games or photos. This simple design is easy to make and super functional. You still have time to have one ready for your own New Year's Eve party. 


Winter Wonderland Box

By Lena Astafeva


“I’ve made a magic winter box. We can play with it during New Year night with our friends and relatives. In Russia, people like to play the game “Forfeits”. On a small piece of paper write a task, for example, “Sing." You can write as many tasks as you like. Guests have to choose any paper and they must do the task written on their piece of paper.” ~Lena  



Graphic 45 Supplies:


Other Supplies:

  • ATC BOX KIT by My Creative Spirit



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Tip:  It’s easy to create any size box or case out of chipboard.  Put your idea or design down on paper and use your ruler to carefully measure each section to make sure it all fits together.  Sometimes I have to do a test or prototype project to tweak it and make it work the way I envision.  Always take good notes in a notebook so you can re-create the second one and make it even better than the first.

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Thanks for joining us for this fun storage inspiration and thanks to Lena for sharing her work. If you are anything like us, you can always use more placed to store things. We'd love to hear about your creative storage solutions in the comments below as well. We will be back next week and next year with more creative inspiration!


Happy Papercrafting!

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