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 Today we have a mind-blowing project idea and tutorial to share with you from Brand Ambassador, Teresa Cruz aka Andor Violeta.  For this assignment, Teresa was asked to take one of the tutorials from our monthly kit club program, Club G45.  Teresa selected the Z Fold Card from our #ClubG45 – Vol 7 2018, and not only did she Leveled Up this card, she created four of them, used them as party decorations, AND then turned them into a stunning 3D Pop Up Album!  We are absolutely loving this idea, and how beautifully executed this project was!  So grab a cup of tea and enjoy the video tour and tutorial to take in the full scope of this paper crafting magic!  


Re-creating #ClubG45 – Z Fold Pop Up Album

By Teresa Cruz aka Andor Violeta


“Hello everyone, so this is my project for July and the challenge was to re-create / level up a project from Graphic 45 Club. I choose a project from the talented Special Projects Designer, Annette Green. This is one of the projects that she created for the Club G45 Vol 7 in 2018 (Z-Fold Pop Up Card).

Video Tutorial:


[Tutorial] Double Z-Fold Card: Club G45 Vol 7 Featuring Imagine


So, in this month I was preparing a very special Party, my Son’s Baptism, and on a special occasion like this, we have to use special products, like Graphic 45, for all the details: the invitations, the table markers, the menu, and other things.


I choose two Deluxe Collector’s Edition, the Little Darlings and Baby 2 Bride for this project. And I choose Annette’s Project because is a dimensional project, and with that, I just created four Z-Fold cards to use as table markers.


To keep this as a gift for my son and to preserve the memory of this moment in his life I thought to assemble this table markers after the party, creating an album with them.

Check out how these cards look beautiful on the album!!


This two cards that you will see together I use separately to mark the table one and two!!



And this two for the table three and four!!


Only after the party, I assemble them together as pages!!

I created them in a mirror way to make them look more interesting when in the album.




Tip: Using the space on the back of this cards I just made some tiny pockets and tags to be used for messages (my family and friends did write on those during the party)



On the back of these cards, I make it open for both sides one to glue to the binding and the other open where I fit a large photo mat (you can see those on the video flip through)

And I also made a cute shaker page/pocket in the middle of the album to hold some photos of my son.


In the middle of the album (third page) I create this cute shaker pocket to storage more photos.



Now, let's see the outside of my interactive album:



I just made my first charm on this album, do you love it?




On the video tutorial you can see that I make the interior flowers without heat (to be more flat) and the outside with heat (to stand out more) I use the flower dies and inks from Graphic 45 to make this flowers. And I also ink the ribbon and the string with the inks!!




Tip: The Graphic 45 matte pearl gems are awesome to embellish our projects in so many ways, on the flowers and the chipboards, they look amazing!!


Here you have one video for the flip through and the other video for the tutorial, with guidelines and more tips, so you can create this project:


Video Tutorial:



Z Fold Pop-Up Mini AlbumTutorial for Graphic 45 by Teresa Cruz



Video Tour:



Flip Through Z Fold Pop Up Album for Graphic 45 By Teresa Cruz


To create this album, I use this Graphic 45 products:


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Clearsnap Decades Dye Pad Venetian Lace

Architecture Washi Tape - Gloss Gold



Thanks for stopping by, I wish you a very artistic day…


~Teresa Cruz 


Wow!  Join us in giving Teresa a round of applause for this multifunctional paper magic!  We hope you have been inspired to give this Z Fold technique a try, and when you do, be sure to share on Instagram using that #Graphic45 hashtag.  Have a wonderful and creative day!  


Happy Papercrafting! 

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