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Life's a Beach Box & Album: Introducing Mixed Media Genius, Kasia Bogatko

Posted by Graphic 45 06/18/2018 104 Comment(s) Mini Albums,Mixed Media,Tutorials,Videos,

Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to another wonderful week on the Graphic 45 blog.  Today, we have a beachy fun Sun Kissed Book Box with Tag Album by our new Brand Ambassador from Poland, Kasia Bogatko.  This project has been inspired by our June Challenge - #G45Selfie, and we are loving the heartfelt inspiration.  Be sure to check out Kasia's video tutorial so you too can recreate this Summer fun magic!  But first, we have our weekly blog contest to announce.

Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! This week’s prize package is a Club G45 - Vol. 4 Kit, including a Botanical Tea - DCE, 5x5 Mixed Media Box, Metal Door Pulls, and a Precious Pink Inkpad, a $50 value.  The Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, June 22nd.



Brand Ambassador 2018-2019

Kasia Bogatko - Poland


“Hello Graphic 45 fans!


My name is Kasia Bogatko-Skoczypiec, I'm 36 and I'm from Poland, Kolobrzeg. I'm in this "artistic" world for over 7 years. My style is full of layers, splashes, paints and mists. I make scrapbook pages, mixed media canvases, off the page projects, altered art, mini albums.

This hobby let me leave my everyday life, relax. Thanks to that, I met many friends from around the world. A common passion connects people and it is beautiful! I started making Christmas cards for family and friends, but when I discovered mixed media world - I really loved it. I create in my studio every day, even for a few minutes. I can’t imagine a day without it.

I make a lot of tutorials and I hope that I will inspire you to discover new techniques and new styles.


Sun Kissed Box & Tag Album


This is my first post on this blog and I’m very excited! I dreamed about this team for a long time - and the dream came true.


In this project, I wanted to introduce myself. I wanted to show my favorite style, embellishments. And at the same time show you myself and what is important to me. I live in Poland, by the Baltic Sea - in Kolobrzeg. This is my beloved place on earth and I hope to spend my whole life here. I love the sea at any time of the year. You can see it in my artworks - a lot of nautical accents, shells, sticks, nets, sea treasures hidden for years on the bottom of the sea.


This marine album was made from Kraft Book Box. The box is so strong and thick, that you can really go wild and make a media-filled project. Inside is hiding a Regular Tag Album with binder ring - a great start for a mini-album.


I made this project from the beautiful Sun Kissed collection. I used papers from the collection pad, but also great ones from Patterns & Solids. The album cover is full of layers and details. Chipboards and die cuts fit perfectly here!

When everything was in place, I had to add some mess. Pieces of curly moss, gauze and art stones are excellent for this purpose. The whole composition was complemented by white gesso and white ink splashes. I can’t resist them!


In this marine box, I hid a tiny album. There are only three pictures in it, but the most important ones are my wedding photo, my beloved dog and my beach. I decorated each page similarly to the cover and thanks to that they are a perfect set.

Finally, I have a little surprise for you. I prepared a video of the entire creative process.

Life’s a Beach - Mini Album for Graphic 45 - by Kasia Bogatko


I hope that you liked my project and you feel inspired.


Have a nice day.” ~Kasia


Staples - ATC Book Box - Kraft

Graphic 45 Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • White Gesso
  • White Acrylic Ink
  • Art Stones
  • Flowers
  • Gauze
  • Curly Moss

What a delightful shabby chic dream.  We hope you try out a few of these techniques on your next project.  Sending big hugs and gratitude to Kasia for this outstanding scrapbook mini and box!  Join us in the comments below in welcoming Kasia to the G45 family, we are thrilled to get to spend a year sharing her talents with you.  


Happy Papercrafting!

104 Comment(s)

Kristina Vazquez:
06/18/2018, 11:12:38 AM

So creative and inspiring. Really loving all the selfie entries and this giveaway is FABULOUS!

Vanessa LeClear:
06/18/2018, 11:12:55 AM

Welcome, Kasia! Sun Kissed is such a beautiful collection and your project is stunning! Thank you for providing a tutorial. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

Angela Rose:
06/18/2018, 11:18:01 AM

Ohhh so pretty

06/18/2018, 11:31:08 AM

Fabulous project and LOVE those papers!

Diana Dillon:
06/18/2018, 12:06:41 PM

Welcome Kasia, Love this project and look forward to following you and maybe dabbling in a little mixed media with you and Graphic 45.

06/18/2018, 12:06:46 PM

Oh how amazing this mini album love it and of course love g45 items!

Glenda Buster:
06/18/2018, 12:07:13 PM

Love your inspiring use of mixed media! Thank you for sharing.

06/18/2018, 12:08:27 PM

What a talented lady and gorgeous use of this G45 paper collection!

06/18/2018, 12:10:02 PM

Welcome Kasia! Your work is beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.

Ellen Haydon:
06/18/2018, 12:10:30 PM

I just love the Sun Kissed products. I love the beach but can not get to one easily. While we have a 116 degrees plus in Phoenix Arizona I can just look at the colors of the papers and feel cooler. Thank you for your project. Ellen from Phoenix

Ragamayi Arisetty:
06/18/2018, 12:10:38 PM


06/18/2018, 12:10:52 PM

Absolutely beautiful! I love the white paint splatters! This is one of my all time favorite G45 lines. I just bought another so that I can actually use it on a project. You gave me such inspiration!!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

I LOVE this pretty collection! Your project is cheerful and look really amazing!

Cheryl Wells:
06/18/2018, 12:24:43 PM

The Sun Kissed collection has to be an all-time favorite - stunning paper collection!!!!

Ekaterina Timerbaeva:
06/18/2018, 12:25:49 PM

Your projects are incredible! I love your style!

Kathleen Read:
06/18/2018, 12:30:06 PM

Kasha, welcome! You are so talented and creative. I loved the little extras, like gauze, that you used for your beautiful project. And thank you for the video!

Terri Williams:
06/18/2018, 12:32:56 PM

Beautiful my Graphic 45!!! Would be exciting to win this weeks drawing.

Betty M Sherman:
06/18/2018, 12:35:48 PM

love that video! so many cool techniques!

Sue D:
06/18/2018, 12:38:45 PM

Fabulous. Perfect for summer beach photos.

sabine matagne:
06/18/2018, 12:49:28 PM

Tres joli projet,c'est magnifique! Et j adore botanical tea c'est ma collection preferee!

Annette Green:
06/18/2018, 12:51:41 PM,

Welcome, Kasia! So happy to have you join the Graphic 45 family. Your style is so fresh and fun and beautiful. I can't wait to see more of your lovely creations.

06/18/2018, 12:53:01 PM

Congratulations, Kasia. I look forward to following you on the blog.

Susan Ashby:
06/18/2018, 12:54:33 PM

Beautiful projects. Great ideas for using paper.

Regina Harrison:
06/18/2018, 01:01:36 PM

Love love love. This is so beautiful. I will definitely be looking for your projects this year.

Carla Hundley:
06/18/2018, 01:07:20 PM

Fabulous design on this! So lovely. Carla from Utah

Michele Rogers:
06/18/2018, 01:10:33 PM

Wow. Love the design idea.

Anne McIntosh:
06/18/2018, 01:12:41 PM

Welcome Kasia! I can tell you are going to keep us on our toes this coming season! What a beautiful piece of art. And you have encouraged me to start playing with gauze. Why did I not ever think of gauze as a layering element! Thank you!

06/18/2018, 01:15:45 PM

Gorgeous creative play! Awesome first project. Thank you Kasia. Looking forward to your many wonderful projects as a G45 ambassador. Welcome!

Terri Wilbanks:
06/18/2018, 01:18:44 PM

Thank you for the sharing your creative process. You have inspired me to try the paint and ink splatter technique in your video. Love your beautiful work and can't wait to see more.

06/18/2018, 01:26:10 PM

Wonderful Inspiration - Fresh and Lovely

Sue MacFall:
06/18/2018, 01:41:04 PM

Well done - a really attractive project. Thank you Kasia.

Patti Henschen:
06/18/2018, 01:54:32 PM

Great project!

Martie Rollin:
06/18/2018, 02:08:16 PM

Mixed media isn't my area of interest, but I can well appreciate all the work that went into this project. Sun Kissed is a lovely beach collection! LOVE Botanical Tea...nice prize package!

Dawn Thomas:
06/18/2018, 02:43:41 PM

These are beautiful! I love them all!!!

Sally Whiteman:
06/18/2018, 03:05:27 PM

Wonderful project. Great inspiration for all of us. I would love to win the Botanical Tea prize - it is such an awesome collection. I'm so glad it has been brought back as a full collection.

Margaret McGlaun:
06/18/2018, 03:09:40 PM

Beautiful! This is one of my favorite collections.

Diane F:
06/18/2018, 03:13:07 PM

Kasia, wonderful project! I, too, love the Sun Kissed collection. After seeing the picture of your beach I can only imagine how much joy this collection brings to you. Beautiful wedding photo as well!

Carol Jones:
06/18/2018, 03:20:38 PM

Gorgeous project! I love the collection you used and all the mixed Media items. It’s going to be great getting to know you Kasia! Looking forward to following you. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you G45!

06/18/2018, 03:30:03 PM

Welcome Kasia, what a fabulous first project, look forward to seeing many more.--- such lovely ideas.

06/18/2018, 03:42:51 PM

The colours really pop! Looking forward to your ideas over the next couple of years

Kathleen E Capachione:
06/18/2018, 03:51:48 PM

Enjoying the blog. SunKissed is one of my favorites. Love your album box.

Gerry Wolfe:
06/18/2018, 03:56:18 PM

I love Beach papers. Sun Kiss is my favorite G45;collections. Oh, who am I kidding all G45 collections are my favorite. Great prize package.

Michelle Nettleton:
06/18/2018, 04:07:25 PM

Love this mini!

06/18/2018, 04:12:00 PM

Congrats, Kasia! Looking forward to all your mixed media tutorials!

Michele Lewis:
06/18/2018, 04:21:35 PM

What beautiful creations! They go together so well and give us a little glimpse into who our newest ambassador is!

Jean marmo:
06/18/2018, 04:48:29 PM

So lovely and creative

06/18/2018, 05:00:33 PM,

I love your fresh, light, shabby style! I’m an ocean lover, too! Can’t wait to see more from you! Welcome to the team!

Carol Gillogly:
06/18/2018, 05:35:02 PM

Welcome, Kasia! Your work/love is beautiful!

06/18/2018, 05:41:19 PM

Lovely blog today ~ & fabulous prize too. Thanks as ever G45 :) x

Susie doucet:
06/18/2018, 05:43:06 PM


06/18/2018, 05:49:31 PM

Gorgeous job! Thanks for sharing

Cindy Kotora:
06/18/2018, 05:57:23 PM

Love G45 and love this project by Kasia!

Kim Cornwell:
06/18/2018, 06:06:04 PM

Gorgeous box and mini album. Sun Kissed is beautiful!! Love how she left the craft color of the tags and box.

Jeanette Y:
06/18/2018, 06:09:38 PM

Gorgeous project! Very talented Kasia! Beautiful collection G45!

Karen Rice:
06/18/2018, 06:22:00 PM

So uniquely made! I love the gesso you used in your project--the whole white look is lovely!

Pamela Leming:
06/18/2018, 06:25:12 PM

I love this collection and this beautiful project!

06/18/2018, 06:27:06 PM

Welcome, Kasia! Your project is so YOU - it really shows us who you are and what you love. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Jan Kennedy:
06/18/2018, 06:39:17 PM

Nice work - so creative!

Barbara Daws:
06/18/2018, 06:47:24 PM

Welcome, Kasia, will look forward to many more projects. Hope to win this week. Botanical Tea is my all time favorite G45 paper collection.

06/18/2018, 07:00:53 PM

Wonderful interpretation of the beautiful Sunkissed Collection. Thank you for sharing. Welcome to the Graphic 45 family.

Jan G.:
06/18/2018, 07:05:42 PM

Welcome......just love all the wonderful texture in you project. Can't wait to see what else you create for us.

Robin A.:
06/18/2018, 07:25:51 PM

Wow! So gorgeous and creative! I've never seen anything like this using this collection. Bravo I am definitely going to create this!

Claudia Machen:
06/18/2018, 07:25:52 PM

So much amazing inspiration and ways to make your mini albums amazing. I will be looking at this video again. Thank you Kasia. You are awesome!

06/18/2018, 07:33:36 PM

Welcome to G45. Love these papers & what a beautiful project. I love all the bits and pieces used to make it-so much texture and interest.

06/18/2018, 07:36:12 PM

Gorgeous!! Congrats Kasia!!! Welcome!!!

06/18/2018, 07:53:33 PM

Gorgeous and inspiring papers as usual. I would love to win this.

Jeanne Beam:
06/18/2018, 08:27:29 PM

Beautiful project. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Cynthia Xavier:
06/18/2018, 09:35:49 PM

Love the Botanical Tea paper. Would like to win Vol.4 kit

Linda Imler:
06/18/2018, 09:47:50 PM

WOW!! What a great give a way!! Thank you for the chance to win! I'm new to Graphic 45 and I think the products are beautiful.

Katherine Buchanan:
06/18/2018, 09:49:31 PM

Welcome to Graphic 45, Kasia!! It looks like you two are a perfect fit!

Mary Young:
06/18/2018, 09:56:54 PM, Facebook

Wow, Graphics 45 is a gorgeous paper collection.

Laurie Black:
06/18/2018, 10:12:19 PM

Beautiful project, so much detail and textures, and so artfully arranged.

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
06/18/2018, 10:48:49 PM

Love the tiny box and tag project and I can't wait to try something similar.I would love to win this collection as Botanical Tea is on my list of "TO GET" paper collections from Graphic 45 ! Every time I see a new collection I fall in love again. The variety of things that can be made from these are endless.

Kate LeBlanc:
06/18/2018, 11:13:20 PM

Welcome Kasia, You have created such a beautiful box and mini album. I love all the little details. I can't wait to see your projects with Graphic 45's amazing papers!

Jaimi Bailey:
06/18/2018, 11:15:03 PM

Thanks for sharing such inspiring works! They are just gorgeous!

Suzanne Hilborn:
06/18/2018, 11:30:26 PM

This makes me feel so good, that we are all more alike than we are different. Especially with our universal language of weddings, our beloved pets and the beautiful outdoors. And crafting, of course! Beautifully done.

Kim D Haney-Persinger:
06/19/2018, 12:16:56 AM

The projects you always share are awesome. Thank you very much for the chance to win the weekly blog drawing of Botanical Tea! I just love the colors!

06/19/2018, 12:22:26 AM

Botanical Tea is my favourite!! Love the inspiration G45!

Natalia Pukish:
06/19/2018, 01:47:56 AM

My favorite collection

Dawn H:
06/19/2018, 03:42:06 AM

Such talent! Beautiful collection once again G45!

06/19/2018, 05:18:04 AM

Graphic 45 has got to be the most beautiful and amazing paper!

Becca Yahrling:
06/19/2018, 06:08:09 AM

Wow, all the fine details are amazing. These are just beautiful.

Sandra Featherston:
06/19/2018, 06:53:13 AM

I love the project. I love the papers. This reminds me of my childhood. I visited the beach quiet often.

Tanis Buckton:
06/19/2018, 07:20:44 AM

This is amazing. I too am inspired to craft everyday - keep up the amazing work!!!! Beautiful.

06/19/2018, 08:59:16 AM

Welcome, Kasia! What an inspiring project!

06/19/2018, 09:28:16 AM

What a beautiful project! I just love this Sun Kissed Collection!

Gigi steele:
06/19/2018, 09:52:14 AM

Beautiful, nice to meet you.

Ana Thum:
06/19/2018, 11:25:27 AM

What a beautiful set to win. I love Graphic 45 papers and embellishments. If I win, I will have to share my my mom! Good luck everyone! Thank you for this chance to win a wonderful set!!

Maria Shehan:
06/19/2018, 11:51:45 AM

Love the.sun kissed kit. Beautiful love to win....

Anne B:
06/19/2018, 06:31:57 PM

Very inspiring. I love the details

Katie Baird:
06/19/2018, 07:05:52 PM

Fantastic project! I love Kasia’s work and look forward to seeing what she does as a brand ambassador!

Masayo Cole:
06/19/2018, 07:15:57 PM

such lovely work! perfect time of the year to share the beachfront feel. so looking forward to the coming year with your inspiration off to such a wonderful start.

Judy Phillips:
06/19/2018, 08:04:39 PM

Hi Kasia - I'm an avid embellisher as well! I love all the white on the project, giving this a softer look. Great job!

Glenda Buster:
06/19/2018, 09:32:57 PM

Kasia your book box and tag album are absolutely beautiful. Love, love how you have used embellishments and mixed media to create such a light, airy and happy feeling in your project.

Debbie Siddle:
06/20/2018, 01:43:13 AM

The bits of string, netting and pebble balls make it a little bit special. Lovely touch. x

Bettina Kreuer:
06/20/2018, 06:59:10 AM

Another great idea for this gorgeous paper collection.

Teresa Trump:
06/20/2018, 07:16:54 AM

Beautiful and cheerful book box. What a lovely creation.

06/20/2018, 09:21:41 AM

I must have this!!! I absolutely love this collection !!

Diane Smith:
06/20/2018, 03:49:55 PM

Botanical Tea is one of my all time it!

Suzy Q:
06/21/2018, 05:48:26 AM

Just beautiful work Kasia with the "Sun Kissed" collection!

Deborah Cook:
06/21/2018, 06:45:32 AM

Kasia, this is so awesome!! I love your artwork so much. With Botanical tea being the prize this week, someone is going to be very happy :) Good luck everyone. :)

Sandi Nagel:
06/21/2018, 08:46:05 AM,

Absolutely STUNNING Kasia! Love your work girl! Hugs!

06/21/2018, 12:03:48 PM

Hallo, What a beautiful creation!!!

Dianne Hice:
06/22/2018, 10:09:52 AM

Love this collection!

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