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#Craftroom Tour with Tips By Aleksandra Mihelič

Posted by Graphic 45 07/11/2018 61 Comment(s) Videos,Craft Studio Tour,

Hello, G45ers!

Welcome to a spectacular post, today Aleksandra Mihelič gives us an inside look through her #Craftroom paradise.  Aleksandra shares great organization tips, and beautiful ways to display your handmade treasures.  Get ready to pull out your flower pots and baskets and let's clean up.  But before we dive in we have this weekly contest reminder.  


Weekly Blog Contest  

Just leave a comment here on the blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook to be entered to win! This week’s prize package includes an Off to the Races 12x12 Paper Pad, Patterns & Solids Paper Pad, Die-Cut Banners, Journaling Chipboard, Regular Tags, Clock Keys, and Celebrate—ATC Tags, a $70+ value. The Winner will be announced on the blog Friday, July 13th.


Craftroom Tour with Tips

By Aleksandra Mihelič


“Hi, dear Graphic 45 friends and fans :) This month it is my turn to share tour of my craft room with all of you. I’m very lucky to have my own private space, where I can create. My husband likes to call it “my hiding space”. I sometimes like to hide in here and run away from my kiddos. :D (psssst… don’t tell them). It’s not big, but it is my absolutely favourite place in our home, where I can relax, create, enjoy and just be myself! I hope you’ll like it, as much as do.



For the past half of year, I’m also a proud member of Lindy’s gang DT, so my collection of gorgeous colorful bottles is quite lovely. The look on these shelves full of colors make me happy even when “the skies are blue” :)



I love to look up from my desk, where I work, and see some of the projects I already made in the past. This gives me joy, motivation, and ideas for my new projects.


As you can see, I have most of the things arranged on the shelves and in the baskets. It’s a little bit more work with dusting, but if I don’t have my goodies at my sight, I usually won’t use them. I store all the Graphic 45 tags, policy envelopes, embellishments and ephemera cards in convenient baskets.



Tip: I store my washi tapes in a small flower pot. I love Graphic 45 washi tapes! They are perfect for use in mixed media projects!



Tip: I store some of my papers in a cute storage box. And I have the rest of the papers in my drawer, 12x12 papers on one side and paper pads on the other side.


I have all my Shadow, Matchbook, mixed media and ATC boxes in one of the bigger drawers, just waiting to be altered and dressed in gorgeous Graphic 45 papers.



And I have all my Graphic 45 Cardstock stickers, Banners, Die-cuts and Chipboards stashed in another one of the bigger drawers.


There is yet another drawer unit below my window and I have another selection of my craft projects displayed on it.



I absolutely loooove my paper and fabric flowers. I have lots of it stored in pots on or beside my desk and I have some of them still in packagings in the box and quite few of them also in one of the drawers. I can’t wait for Graphic 45 paper flowers to add to my collection.


Oooh and I love my laces…



Besides creating for fun and making DT projects, I also do a lot of “customized orders”, so my “cutting station” is one of the things that makes my work a lot easier. I also have a Cricut machine that I love to bits.



This is it! :) I hope you liked the glimpse of my workspace. It’s not finished… but it never is! Still adding to it on a weekly basis. :)


Enjoy your day and see you soon!


Hugs, Aleksandra


Oh my goodness, what a dream!  Big thanks to Aleksandra for giving us a tour through her "hiding space" and sharing all these gorgeous photos and crafty organization tips.  We thank you as well for stopping by.  Be sure to leave a comment below to be entered to win this week's prize package.  

Happy Papercrafting!

61 Comment(s)

Jean Marmo:
07/11/2018, 11:10:57 AM

Wow - wish my room looked like this! Gorgeous!!

Pat Ricord:
07/11/2018, 01:34:08 PM

What a happy place to work!!

Michele Lewis:
07/11/2018, 11:15:51 AM

What a beautiful room. So well organized and colorful.....just delightful. Now, can you come and organize me? LOL

07/11/2018, 11:20:11 AM

I wish I had a room. How lovely to have all your supplies to hand - I can but dream but thanks for revealing all!

Sharon Gullikson:
07/11/2018, 11:32:24 AM

I like how you display your amazing projects in your craft room. What a good idea....

Diana Dillon:
07/11/2018, 11:34:40 AM

Such a happy cheerful place. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

Dianna Dean:
07/11/2018, 11:42:34 AM

I love seeing everyone's craft rooms and all the different organizing ideas. Your projects are gorgeous!!

Sandy Trefger:
07/11/2018, 11:53:13 AM

What a wonderful creative place to work!

Sandi Nagel:
07/11/2018, 12:01:10 PM,

Everything is so nice and neat Aleksandra! I just love how you display your Graphic 45 creations! TFS, Hugs, Sandi

Cheryl Wells:
07/11/2018, 12:08:02 PM

Very nice craft room!!

07/11/2018, 12:17:46 PM

I love your craft room it’s literally a work of art so to speak I aspire to have one like it one day ☺️

Sue MacFall:
07/11/2018, 12:20:18 PM

Thank you so much for sharing our craft room with us - love the use of flower pots to store things in.

Vanessa LeClear:
07/11/2018, 12:28:40 PM

Wow, what a beautiful, well-organized space! And what a glorious collection of Graphic 45 products! Thanks for sharing, Aleksandra.

Masayo Cole:
07/11/2018, 12:34:24 PM

WOW! almost speechless on the contents of your craft room. I believe it is EVERY crafters dream to have a room like that one! amazing, I would love to come spend a day hanging out with all your product... Thanks Aleksandra for adding to my dream craft room...

Teresa Cruz:
07/11/2018, 12:42:50 PM,

Amazing space, love the sprays on the shelves, and all the Graphic 45 goodies all handy, ready to play!!

Susanna Sievinen:
07/11/2018, 12:45:37 PM

Oh, you have lovely and huge craftroom, i’m little jealous.

07/11/2018, 12:48:40 PM

LOVE everything!! doesn't it make it easier to craft when everything has a place & everything is in its place. Look forward to your next project! and the next! and ect.

07/11/2018, 12:48:52 PM

What a great space. I can see I need to get more organized. Thanks for sharing!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your awesome crafting space!

Teresa Price:
07/11/2018, 01:21:13 PM

What a wonderful room! Your makes are just amazing - and you are so orginised!

Bev Drake:
07/11/2018, 01:26:16 PM

Thank you for showing your craft room & just love all those little bottles with their colourful contents. It must be wonderful to work with everything at hand & enjoyed the tips. Bev.

07/11/2018, 01:32:28 PM, Https://

Omg....wat a creatove heaven u hv my fairy....this is absolutely beautiful. Loved it wating for mine to get completed....totally excited too.

Sue D:
07/11/2018, 01:40:19 PM

Thanks for the craft room tour!

Catherine Skrehot:
07/11/2018, 01:42:16 PM

Such a wonderful creative space to work in, I can see why you are so enthusiastic. Love all the Lindy colors, such choices. And your projects are just beautiful!

07/11/2018, 01:42:27 PM

Love your room ! so organized and inspiring

Susan Ashby:
07/11/2018, 01:45:28 PM

WOW! That’s all I can say!

Jan Kennedy:
07/11/2018, 02:28:59 PM

Looks like you have everything you need to make many special projects!

07/11/2018, 02:52:28 PM,

Aleksandra is an amazing artist and her room, full of aesthetic and beautify is another proof of that. Gorgeous studio and stunning projects.

07/11/2018, 02:56:46 PM

Very nice, love the little flower pot idea!

07/11/2018, 03:05:15 PM

Your room is nice and inspiring. The bottles of color are great, a rainbow to feast your eyes on. Tfs.

07/11/2018, 03:06:47 PM,

I love how colorful and happy your room is! Also love the way you’ve stored your flowers!!! What a great spot to play with Paper!

Anne Bacon:
07/11/2018, 03:20:11 PM

What a wonderful work space! In my dreams I have a “She Shed” for crafting but for now it’s the kitchen table.

Georgia Zatto:
07/11/2018, 03:29:47 PM

WOW what a Beautiful work space!! I never thought of storing all my washi tape or ribbons and lace in pots! That would make it a lot easier to shuffle around to choose the perfect one. I can hardly wait to have my own space to make my own. Just a lovely post!

Patti Henschen:
07/11/2018, 03:34:36 PM

Wow, that's a wonderful workspace...i love the bottles lined up against the wall. i didnt' realize graphic 45 has washi tapes...i will have to look at getting some of those!

Regina Harrison:
07/11/2018, 03:39:57 PM

Amazing craft space. The projects you have made are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your space:)

07/11/2018, 03:42:28 PM

What a wonderfully fun and creative place to play!

Suzy Q:
07/11/2018, 03:49:53 PM

Very nice inspiring crafty room to create in. Thanks so much for sharing! Luv the flower pots! Hugs Suzy Q

07/11/2018, 03:52:26 PM

I love that you have former projects on display. Your craft room certainly gives you great inspiration

Glenda Buster:
07/11/2018, 04:09:14 PM

Love, love the seemingly endless display of completed projects among your collection of supplies to creat more ❤️. Agreed that supplies out of sight are easily forgotten and not used.

Martie Rollin:
07/11/2018, 04:16:55 PM

My goodness! I wouldn't know what to do with that many colors! Mixed media takes lots more "stuff" than I like to admit! Nice room!

Carol S. Hughes:
07/11/2018, 04:20:17 PM, FB

What a lovely space. Can come over and play? Just kidding but your space is an inspiration.

Terri Williams:
07/11/2018, 04:34:54 PM

Beautiful craft space and very inspiring. I want all those colors too!

Mathilde S:
07/11/2018, 06:09:17 PM

Aleksandra I love your beautiful well organized and functional craft room.It sure helps being creative when you can find what you need!

Jan G.:
07/11/2018, 06:24:25 PM

What a lovely craft space. I hope you don't mind if I use some of your wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing.

07/11/2018, 07:02:10 PM

OHHH so many great ideas, I hope to get my expanded crafting space (upgraded from a desk) soon!

Judy Phillips:
07/11/2018, 07:46:38 PM

Thank you for the tour of your crafting room - I always enjoy seeing the ideas from other creators. I love your projects and your colors. (especially your buckets of flowers!)

07/11/2018, 10:30:19 PM,

Oh. I'm so in love with your room Ola!

Jane S:
07/11/2018, 11:23:01 PM

Great ideas. Love Y place to work!

07/11/2018, 11:54:32 PM

Wow!! Very nice.

07/12/2018, 01:01:45 AM

Your room IS big and also bright. Looks like a lovely place to work and have fun.

Martha Batchelor:
07/12/2018, 11:14:08 AM

Vibrant and beautiful. So organized and makes you want to jump right in and create Thanks for the tour.

Karen Rice:
07/12/2018, 01:17:08 PM

how utterly fun! So much color and inspiration!

07/12/2018, 06:05:03 PM

Some very nice ideas to get some added space by organizing. Will have to follow through with some. :-)

Ellen Haydon:
07/12/2018, 06:10:17 PM

We have just moved into another home and I have a whole room for myself. I really like how you are arrangement of your lovely bottles. I wish that I had as many as you do. I like the use of baskets and pots for the flowers too. I'm always having to find my several boxes for different kinds of flowers and they are so pretty at. Ellen from Phoenix

tina z. treebug:
07/13/2018, 01:23:28 AM,

this is heaven!

07/13/2018, 12:18:48 PM

Thanks so much Aleksandra! Perfect timing! I'm in the process of organizing my craft room and these are great ideas I will definitely use! Hugs back at ya! Robin Anderson

07/13/2018, 12:54:58 PM

It made me happy just to see your crafting space, Aleksandra. Thank you so much for letting us peek in and for sharing your organizational ideas. It's really hard to be creative when there's no sense of joy or peace - your space definitely has both. Happy hiding! ;->)

07/13/2018, 04:10:05 PM

So very pretty ..... love that you store paper flowers out in the open. That is my favorite go to item. GR45 is the absolute best !!

Anne McIntosh:
07/14/2018, 12:43:36 PM

WOW Alecksandra! How I miss having a separate room for my crafting. I am carving out a space in my living/dining rooms for my craft storage. Of course I don't have room for everything, so I ferry back and forth between my house and the storage shed. I love your work and I'm crazy about how organized your craft room is. I aspire to be like you!

Lynn Milewski:
07/15/2018, 12:40:39 AM

It looks like a lovely place to do some creating!

Carolyn Hines:
07/18/2018, 09:31:10 PM

What a magic place for you to escape the world! I'd love to have my flowers and laces out, but I'm afraid Kitty would love them the same way I do--but much more pawing through them than I would like for her to do! So, it's plastic cases for me--but I can dream....

Alice Clark:
07/20/2018, 12:01:25 PM

Lovely -- and envious -- space!

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