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Twelve Days of Christmas: Summer Sneak Peeks

Posted by Graphic 45 07/17/2018 202 Comment(s) Tutorials,Tags,Collection Reveal,

Hello, G45ers!

 Welcome to Day Two of our Summer 2018 Sneak Peeks.  In this blog we are unveiling our newest Deluxe Collector's Edition, Twelve Days of Christmas, continuing our contest with 18 oppotunities to win, and sharing project ideas featuring this colorful and elgant holiday collection.  We have a Pinterest Board stuffed full of Christmas projects, and a Step by step giftcard holder tag using our Regular Tag—Ivory by our Special Projects Designer, Maria Cole.  So grab a hot chocolate or an iced coffee if your in a heat wave and let the fun begin!  Remember... 


We have Eighteen $100+ Summer Release Prize packages,
with Christmas Magic and Twelve Days of Christmas - DCE!  
To enter to win leave a comment on the blog, on Facebook, and/or onInstagram.  
Winners will be announced on the blog Friday, July 20th, 2018


The Twelve Days of Christmas -

Deluxe Collector's Edition


The lavish splendor of the holiday season leaps to life with The Twelve Days of Christmas, a festive new Deluxe Collector’s Edition from Graphic 45! Venture into an enchanting land of turtle doves, golden rings, swimming swans and a partridge in a pear tree! Dazzling plaids, stripes and cut-aparts add elegant vintage charm and sophistication. The saturated color palette captivates with pine greens, berry reds, golden yellows, carnation pinks and soft creams. Creativity is at the top of the list with The Twelve Days of Christmas!


The Twelve Days of Christmas - Now Available


Twelve Days of Christmas - Deluxe Collector's Edition

12 in x 12 in Papercrafting Set


  • 2 each of twelve double-sided 12 x 12-Inch papers (24 total)

  • 27 die-cut chipboard embellishments

  • 65 cover weight stickers on a 12 x 12-Inch sheet

  • Made in the USA - acid and lignin free














12”x12” Cover-weight Stickers


Twelve Days of Christmas Pinterest Board



Christmas Gift Card Holder

By Maria Cole


“This is a simple gift certificate holder that you can hang on your tree!





Graphic 45 Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • May Arts ribbon – 6” green ribbon
  • Platinum Stickles
  • Christmas spray


Step by Step Instructions:


Step 1. Cut out the following images from your Ladies Dancing paper.


Step 2. Flip your Ladies Dancing paper over to reveal the blue side; trace 1 tag shape and cut out or use Regular Tag & Gear Die. Adhere this piece to the front side of one of your tags, blue side up. Use a nail file to sand edges for a faux snowy look.



Step 3. Cut a 3” x 3” square from your My True Love paper; flip paper over and cut out one of the 12 days of Christmas lists.


Step 4. Take your Joyeaux Noel paper and cut off the Ten Lords A Leaping border. Cut off a 3” long piece of this border. Take remaining Joyeaux Noel paper, flip over to reveal red side, and trace another tag shape. Cut out and adhere to the back of your tag.



Step 5. Adhere 12 Days of Christmas list. Adhere Ten Lords A Leaping border. Adhere only the left, bottom, and right sides of the My True Love piece to create a pocket. Adhere “JOY” and attach fussy cut flowers with foam dots.


Step 6. Adhere flower bunch, bird, and square with foam dots. Adhere some spray behind flower bunch. Take ribbon and adhere ends behind tag. Apply Stickles around the edge of your tag.” ~Maria

We hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek blog.  Be sure to try out this fun step by step tag tutorial, and keep on the look out late August for Twelve Days of Christmas to hit a store near you.  Big thanks to Maria for sharing this fun and easy gift card tag, and thank you for stopping by.   Join in the fun in the comments below, and check back tomorrow for our Garden Goddess peek!  


Happy Papercrafting!

202 Comment(s)

Laura Cushman:
07/17/2018, 09:14:48 AM

The colors in this one makes it my fav Christmas line ever. I felt like I couldn't get enough of this line!

Cathy Frailey:

These Christmas collections are making me pine for December!

cindy yinger:
07/17/2018, 09:25:13 AM

I love this paper. I actually have hoarded some of it from the last time it was out. Great to see it return.

Deborah Cook:
07/17/2018, 09:30:07 AM

I loved the 12 days of Christmas collection when it was first released, I bought 2 bundles, one to create with and one to hoard,Lol. Such a gorgeous collection. :)

Mary Peterson:
07/17/2018, 09:36:40 AM

All right, you beauties. I am so happy to have this collection back! It has always been one of my very favorite Christmas collections, in part because I have 3 family members born during the 12 days of Christmas, including a brother on Christmas Day and a son on day 11. So, we’ve always had fun with that. As a new collector/designer, I got as many as I thought I could use at the time, but always lamented that I couldn’t get more of certain designs and never got the chipboard. Thank you so much! ❤️

Deborah Cox:
07/17/2018, 09:41:20 AM

I've been hoarding this collection thanks for bringing it back! Love the gift tag, thanks for the tutorial.

Mathilde S.:
07/17/2018, 09:48:44 AM

Congratulations G45! How can one decide which collection to get,they are all so gorgeous.I can’t wait to get my hands on this exquisite paper.

Cate Kager:
07/17/2018, 09:49:29 AM

This is the most impressive Christmas paper I have ever seen! I can't decide if I would make card holders or ornaments for hand made gifts. Exquisite!

Jean Marmo:
07/17/2018, 09:55:10 AM

What a delightful collection! I could see using this for so many projects!

Kim Cornwell:
07/17/2018, 10:08:00 AM

Beautiful collection!! Love the projects!!

Lisa Relova:
07/17/2018, 10:10:00 AM

I am loving all the new releases! The vintage feel and traditional color palette make it so special. Very excited to purchase!

Edward Glaze:
07/17/2018, 10:13:46 AM

Absolutely beautiful!! Would love these!!

Anne Lyon:
07/17/2018, 10:16:55 AM

I love this collection and the beautiful gift tag! Gorgeous!

Jean Washburn:
07/17/2018, 10:19:42 AM

Great to see this collection back. Beautiful art work and colors for a great holiday time.

Becca Yahrling:
07/17/2018, 10:24:03 AM

Such a beautiful collection! I love Christmas and everything about it. Maria's tag is so pretty!!

Diana Dillon:
07/17/2018, 10:29:09 AM

Maria, Thank you for sharing this gift card tag, it is beautiful. This paper though stunning is not for me, but, I can see how so many will love it. I do love yesterday's Christmas release still, I am waiting for Flutter. That is the one I'll have to have. Also the Pinterest Christmas board is fantastic.

Suzette Weber:
07/17/2018, 10:33:39 AM

I love it!!! Can't wait for these so I can craft to my heart's content!!

Carole Effting Lohr:
07/17/2018, 10:34:26 AM

This collection is all new to me, and I think it is lovely! The hanging gift card holder tutorial is so helpful, and it enables the lucky recipient to have a beautiful holiday decoration long after the gift card is gone.

Kelly Kennedy:
07/17/2018, 10:34:52 AM

Such a beautiful collection! I really like the pops of non Christmas colours, it makes this so versatile!

07/17/2018, 10:38:32 AM

Gorgeous collection, as usual perfect Vintage vibe! Beautiful work from Maria too!

Michele Lewis:
07/17/2018, 10:45:01 AM

Oh my WORD!!! This collection is so beautiful...the colors are just stunning and the images just come alive!! Now I really DO need that second job!! But it is worth it.....the pleasure that I get from working with these delightful papers, can NOT be replaced. The ideas that swarm through my mind just looking at this collection is just amazing. Way to get our creative juices flowing Graphic supply the products and the inspiration!

07/17/2018, 10:49:36 AM


Christine Rupakis:
07/17/2018, 10:55:44 AM

The papers are absolutely beautiful. I could make some awesome projects with them.

Renee Thompson:
07/17/2018, 10:59:01 AM

Oh I've been waiting for this to come back! I missed it the first time so I can't wait to get my hands on those pretty designs.

Carla Hundley:
07/17/2018, 11:00:54 AM

So lovely creations and beautiful papers. Carla from Utah

Kristina Vazquez:
07/17/2018, 11:02:14 AM

I am super excited for the re-release DCE of 12 days of Christmas! It matches my holiday decor and theme this year!

kathleen doyle:
07/17/2018, 11:03:05 AM

Loved this collection when it first came out ,gotta get the deluxe collection.

Lisa Wiley:
07/17/2018, 11:08:08 AM

One of my all time favorite G45 papers! I have a wall hanging I made with it that I put out every Christmas. It was hard making it because I knew I wouldn't have the paper left, but it is gorgeous and I love it! I am so happy you are bringing it back- I will have to stock

07/17/2018, 11:10:20 AM,

I have worked with this one!!! Perfect! I love the colors and the figures! Surely it is a must collection for every fussy cutting freak like myself!!!

Leah Matthews:
07/17/2018, 11:14:19 AM

I have always loved this Christmas collection. I also love Maria’s tag; it is simply beautiful!!

Rebecca Rosas:
07/17/2018, 11:14:28 AM

Beautiful collection! Gorgeous and practical project from Maria!

Gina Peterson:
07/17/2018, 11:21:46 AM

GORGEOUS! The colors in THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS are STUNNING! The images look like they are going to jump off the page

Vanessa LeClear:
07/17/2018, 11:31:06 AM

Maria's tag is gorgeous! This is such a pretty collection!

Kathy Rogers:
07/17/2018, 11:33:59 AM

Beautiful colors as usual. Already making things in my mind.

Dawn H:
07/17/2018, 11:41:38 AM

Pretty, pretty please, and thank you very much!

07/17/2018, 11:42:11 AM

Wow! I thought yesterday's reveal of Christmas Magic was to be my must-have Christmas collection, but this! I have always loved the 12 Days of Christmas; in fact, my first ever paper craft was a series of postcards I made and sent to my future husband - 12 cards, each representing one of the days. I am over the moon!

07/17/2018, 11:44:25 AM

Excited beyond words at your next releases!!

Caroline Cain:
07/17/2018, 11:51:14 AM

So glad to see this collector's edition come out. I have been wanting to get more of this paper for quite sometime. Love the images and colors.

Debbie Siddle:
07/17/2018, 11:53:39 AM

What a great collection. The dancing ladies are wonderful. Beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win xxx

07/17/2018, 11:54:49 AM

So pleased to see this collection again - wow! Fabulous project too. - so inspiring for Christmas - even if we have a heat wave currently!!

Yvonne boucher:
07/17/2018, 11:55:09 AM

The artwork/design in this collection is stunning! It is my all time favorite Christmas paper!

Kirsty Vittetoe:

This is a beautiful collection worth come back for!

07/17/2018, 12:03:15 PM

When this collection was first released, I made 4 Christmas memory albums as Christmas gifts for my daughter in law’s and niece. They loved them and they are a wonderful way to look at photos of Christmas past. Each has 14 pages, so they hold lots of photos. They also took several pads of paper. I used everything I purchased, I only have a few very small pieces of paper left..happy for the release again . I already have ideas for the new Christmas collection ! Graphic45 papers are fabulous.

Sylvia M:
07/17/2018, 12:07:20 PM

Such Beautiful Papers, can't wait for them to come to England. Well done Graphic 45!

Mary Ann Fry:
07/17/2018, 12:15:45 PM

My favorite Christmas collection!

Susie Doucet:
07/17/2018, 12:16:14 PM


07/17/2018, 12:16:24 PM

Twelve days is a classic. The designs, the colors & the small details are simply beautiful.

07/17/2018, 12:17:02 PM

This is a really beautiful Christmas collection. I just love the graphic 45 style and colors.

Susan Ashby:
07/17/2018, 12:19:01 PM

Beautiful paper. I love the 12 Days of Christmas song. I’m anxiously awaiting it’s release. Have so many ideas in my head.

Regina Harrison:
07/17/2018, 12:20:30 PM

This tag is so pretty and uses only small pieces. I love ideas to use up my scraps:)

07/17/2018, 12:20:33 PM

Beautiful paper line. I never got the original when it first came out because I was new to papercrafting, cardmaking, etc. But I would love to have it now. Great inspiration from Maria.

Ekaterina Timerbaeva:
07/17/2018, 12:21:00 PM

Unusual Cristmas collection , love it!

Diana Gibson:
07/17/2018, 12:21:54 PM

Again, another wonderful Christmas collection. Can't wait to get it.

Donna Hunter:
07/17/2018, 12:22:22 PM

This was the very first G45 paper collection for me which started a love affair I have with G45 to this day. My daughter had been in the hospital for about eight months, and as the holidays approached, my depression deepened as I wondered what was going to happen. A friend of mine took me to a scrapbook store to get me out where I found the 12 Days of Christmas. I made a mini album to house the pictures of my daughter's holiday time spent at the hospital. I rarely open that album as the photos are hard for me, but the graphics of the papers are gorgeous and I would love to document our life now as a celebration of what we survived and how far we have come since that time. I can't wait to grab this collection again!

Patti Henschen:
07/17/2018, 12:28:13 PM

You can make a new album with happier memories now! So glad to hear you are better now

Michele Rogers:
07/17/2018, 12:23:57 PM

So excited to get my hands on these papers. I can't wait for friends and family to open their Christmas Cards this year.!

Tiffany Brummitt:
07/17/2018, 12:24:50 PM

This collection makes me impatient to get started on Christmas!

Tristan Robin Blakeman:
07/17/2018, 12:25:37 PM,

So excited that this is being re-released! I have been hoarding my stash of unused "12 Days of Christmas" for several years, and now I don't have to! Can't wait for a big order of this so I can make loads of 12 Days projects!

Terri Williams:
07/17/2018, 12:26:08 PM

I have some of this collection but will have to definitely buy the deluxe set. Love the tag and will need to start making some for Christmas!!!

07/17/2018, 12:26:23 PM

THIS is a must have! ! Cant wait to purchase and get started on an advent type calendar.

Carol G.:
07/17/2018, 12:26:29 PM

What a beautiful gift card holder! I’m so glad I have another chance to get this collection. I missed out on some of the papers when it originally came out so I’m very excited to see it again!

Patti Henschen:
07/17/2018, 12:26:59 PM

it's only july but these two new releases so far have me excited for christmas!!!!

Suzanne Hilborn:
07/17/2018, 05:04:19 PM

That was so kind of you to reply to Donna's post. I love it when people care about other people.

Frances Perkins:
07/17/2018, 12:27:22 PM

I love Christmas and this paper is beautiful

Colleen Frankowski:
07/17/2018, 12:28:09 PM


Sandy Artman:
07/17/2018, 12:29:19 PM

This collection is gorgeous. I particularly love traditional red & green combinations! While I have not hoarded this paper (yet!) I can relate to knowing access is limited. Floral Shoppe keeps mysteriously showing up in my "Cart". Ha! Looking forward to the sneak peek of the new Flutter collection!

Cheryl Wells:
07/17/2018, 12:33:12 PM

I've always loved this collection!!

Sue MacFall:
07/17/2018, 12:41:08 PM

I have never had this collection and it looks so lovely. Thank you for the inspiration.

Sue D:
07/17/2018, 12:41:51 PM

Cute gift card holder and love this classic collection.

07/17/2018, 12:42:41 PM

Can’t wait to get this beautiful paper so I can make the tag.

07/17/2018, 12:46:35 PM

The collection is so beautiful I don't want to cut into it!!!

Charlene Brummitt:
07/17/2018, 12:52:00 PM

It is so beautiful. Cant wait to win it

Brenda Moehlig:
07/17/2018, 12:55:39 PM

Wow. This is a must have collection. I love all your new releases but this by far is my favorite as its Christmas. What better way then the 12 days of Christmas. Love it

Suzy Q:
07/17/2018, 12:56:07 PM

Beautiful Christmas Card Holder Maria! And such beautiful papers Graphic 45! The 12 days of Christmas papers are very vintage looking! Luv them!

Theresa Bush:
07/17/2018, 01:10:25 PM

Another truly beautiful Christmas collection. I love these new projects. It's never too early to make Christmas projects.

Martie Rollin:
07/17/2018, 01:17:15 PM

Nice to see that this Christmas collection is coming back...beautiful images and colors! This gift card tag is so pretty! Just the right size for any gift card. thanks for this easy to follow tutorial. Well done!

Diane Fisher:
07/17/2018, 01:19:59 PM

I'm so excited to have this collection!

Judy Phillips:
07/17/2018, 01:30:49 PM

This is a beautiful collection! The two samples shown are wonderful - I'm anxious to buy this collection!

Winnifred p. Hebb:
07/17/2018, 01:37:27 PM

Oh my; I’m becoming so addicted to your line. I have one album finished, one in the works for a gift, another in my studio for a gift, and one more. Than you come out with this so very beautiful paper. Need I saw more?

Peachy W:
07/17/2018, 01:39:06 PM

What a great collection, beautiful papers and colors! Love the pears and the plaids, so very pretty! A great tutorial, with a beautiful tag project!

07/17/2018, 01:39:15 PM

Awh who doesn't love Christmas...beautiful...but who doesn't love g45 everyday...we all do!

07/17/2018, 01:41:57 PM

Maria, thanks for the tag and tutorial with photos! I love the simplicity of it!

Terri Wilbanks:
07/17/2018, 01:45:46 PM

This was my first love affair with G45. Made Christmas cards with this collection. Now I must have everything G45. Thanks for bringing it back.

Ellen Haydon:
07/17/2018, 01:46:06 PM

This is such a pretty and handy tag to give to that special someone. I love the Collection's colors and Christmas will be here sooner than we are ready for it. Ellen from Phoenix

07/17/2018, 01:47:25 PM

I love this release ! can't wait for tomorrow sneak peak

Maria Villasenor:
07/17/2018, 01:48:24 PM

I love this collection . I am ready for Christmas!

Anne Bacon:
07/17/2018, 01:49:47 PM

Oh snap! There’s TWO holiday collections? I liked Christmas Magic but The Twelve Days of Christmas is breathtaking. Love, love, love, love!

Barbara Daws:
07/17/2018, 01:59:33 PM

So glad G45 brought back this one. Love it!

Cathy Osborne:
07/17/2018, 02:01:51 PM

Oh so happy this line is back. I made so many cards and boxes with this line. I'm down to scraps and can't wait to resupply. Beautiful and full of possibilities.

07/17/2018, 02:02:32 PM

I’m new to Graphic 45 but I’ll be around for a while. I love your colors and the vintage/ traditional design of these papers.

07/17/2018, 02:02:32 PM

I’m new to Graphic 45 but I’ll be around for a while. I love your colors and the vintage/ traditional design of these papers.

Masayo Cole:
07/17/2018, 02:06:45 PM

Christmas in July! it seems early but those who do the Craft Fairs know (!) it is not to early to think Christmas. This is a wonderful addition to a craft fair display.thank you G-45 and Maria for sharing this wonderful project... I LOVE Christmas and you guys have made some wonderful feelings with this paper. d

Patty Cook:
07/17/2018, 02:06:49 PM

Beautiful gift card idea and I also jumped over to the Pinterest website love the Advent calendars posted there.

Barbara G.:
07/17/2018, 02:07:10 PM

Love this collection, can't wait to make the gift tag that Maria shared with us!!!!

Diane F:
07/17/2018, 02:09:32 PM

I am so ready to have the 12 Days of Christmas back in my hands. Love this!

Debbie Nelson:
07/17/2018, 02:11:33 PM

Beautiful Christmas collection, so glad you brought it back.

Julie Draewell:
07/17/2018, 02:17:31 PM

Thank you for all the ideas I can't wait to start making thinks beautiful line

Deborah Anderson-Clarke:
07/17/2018, 02:18:06 PM

This collection makes me want to start making cards and decorations for Christmas now! Can't wait to get the collection now!

Carol sanderson:
07/17/2018, 02:20:50 PM

Have wanted this collection from the first time I saw it

07/17/2018, 02:23:05 PM

I still have a it of this from the first release-looking forward to adding to it as I have used almost all of it. Love the tag and accordion ideas.

07/17/2018, 02:23:41 PM

What vibrant and eye-pleasing colors. G45 never disappoints.

Karen Flory:
07/17/2018, 02:24:50 PM

Can’t wait to get this collection. Missed it before and was never able to find it. Thank you for the inspiration.

07/17/2018, 02:27:27 PM

Simply lush

Kate Zortman:
07/17/2018, 02:33:08 PM

Love it all. So very fibrant and traditional

Marie Powers:
07/17/2018, 02:34:47 PM

Love this beautiful Christmas paper Collection. I can’t wait to see what ideas the crafters come up with and what I will do!

Barbara Madison:
07/17/2018, 02:38:46 PM

So glad for the re-release of the Twelve Days of Christmas, one of my favorites, but then again all of the Graphic 45 papers are my favorites!!! I use them in all of the scrapbooks I make thru the year. Keep of the great design work.

Devra Joy:
07/17/2018, 02:46:36 PM

I am already making plans for this paper. So beautiful

Karen Wedding:
07/17/2018, 02:49:18 PM

Awesome projects Maria! I love when we get to sneak peek at the new collections coming out. The design team come up with so much amazing projects to fuel our imaginations.

07/17/2018, 03:01:29 PM

Love the 12 Days of Christmas line. The colours and patterns are wonderful.

Linda Steele:
07/17/2018, 03:09:03 PM

I used this collection when it was out before and was sad when I had used it all up. So excited it is back and I'll be using it again!!!! G45 is the best!

Jan Kennedy:
07/17/2018, 03:18:32 PM

As much as I love the Graphic 45 papers, the 12 Days is my favorite one yet! I can't wait to buy the collection and make beautiful creations!

Karen Foy:
07/17/2018, 03:24:10 PM

Loved this first time glad it's back. Christmas projects made with this look so opulent xx

Heather Dreith:
07/17/2018, 03:28:21 PM

Another gorgeous Christmas collection from G45. I really love those roses, and the Regency era lady. Appreciated the sweet gift card holder project.

Nancy Mac:
07/17/2018, 03:32:55 PM

With every Graphic 45 Christmas collection, I fall in love all over again. Each year, I think that G45 can't top themselves but each year they do! I'm so looking forward to buying this collection! Thanks for this sneak peek and thank you, Maria, for sharing your lovely project with us!

07/17/2018, 03:38:09 PM

Yes please, have been wanting this for so long

Diane Barnett:
07/17/2018, 03:53:31 PM

Beautiful collection!!!

Wendy Stewart:
07/17/2018, 04:15:40 PM

Thanks for bringing such joy into our lives

Victoria Fletcher Smith:
07/17/2018, 04:21:32 PM

I love Graphic 45 papers!! Don’t ask me to pick a favorite. They are all gorgeous!!!

Dee S.:
07/17/2018, 04:32:23 PM

Love the collector editions. This is a must have.

Anne McIntosh:
07/17/2018, 04:35:20 PM

Another hit! Gorgeous paper set to the favorite song of the holidays! This gift card holder sets it off perfectly!

07/17/2018, 04:37:53 PM

So much holiday cheer and nostalgia. Makes you want it to be the holidays already!

Sharon gullikson:
07/17/2018, 04:51:39 PM

I have been looking for The 12 Days Of Christmas papers!!! I love the vintage look of these.

Elaine W.:
07/17/2018, 05:03:04 PM

I never got this beautiful collection the first time around and I regretted it. I will not make that mistake this time around! Love all the incredible imagery. Maria's gift card holder is a great idea and easy enough for even me to make.

07/17/2018, 05:08:45 PM

When, when, when can we look for this beautiful rendition in stores or online? If we would like to make Christmas albums for gifts, we are going to need them early .... and lots of them. Merry Christmas, everyone!

07/17/2018, 05:19:07 PM,

I'm a sucker for Christmas designs, and I love this collection!

Michele Taylor:
07/17/2018, 05:34:50 PM

Love it!

Margaret McGlaun:
07/17/2018, 05:38:19 PM

Beautiful! I will not let this delightful collection get away this time.

Priscilla Hughs:
07/17/2018, 05:53:00 PM

I have not seen this collection before...absolutely stunning! Sure hope my local G45 distributor gets this in!

Jennifer Curthoys:
07/17/2018, 06:08:30 PM

I completed the 12 days of Christmas book designed by Jane Tregenza and just loved it and love the papers I can't wait to do a few more projects in this with my customers just love it one of my favorites.

Joan Arnold:
07/17/2018, 06:08:46 PM

I have made multiple projects with this paper over the years and it is still one of my favorites. Always inspires me to make something else.

jane S:
07/17/2018, 06:18:22 PM

This is beautiful paper and I love the gift tag. Cant wait to get the papers

Laura Callies:
07/17/2018, 06:27:27 PM

These papers amd projects are stunning! The cutouts are amazing!!

Jane M:
07/17/2018, 06:42:08 PM

Wow. Incredible paper. Cant wait to use it

07/17/2018, 07:08:27 PM

Thanks for bringing back this collection. Made so many cards and mini albums. Thanks for the chance to win!!!.

Judy Renee Roberts:
07/17/2018, 07:12:24 PM

So glad you brought this back. It is so elegant and beautiful.

Trish Tibbetts:
07/17/2018, 07:18:51 PM

Ooh, I love this paper collection. I must have it!

07/17/2018, 07:50:38 PM

Love this classic collection! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Francine Schmitz:
07/17/2018, 07:55:56 PM

Could be your most beautiful Christmas paper collection ever!!

07/17/2018, 08:55:30 PM,

I absolutely love Graphic 45...I make handmade cards to send to my customers easy to create with your beautiful line.

Trish Murison:
07/17/2018, 08:57:07 PM

Joy oh Joy! Christmas has come early!! Beautiful collection of papers!

07/17/2018, 09:15:58 PM

I love this collection!! Makes me excited for Christmas!

Debbie Odle:
07/17/2018, 09:19:25 PM,

I love, love this beautiful Christmas Collection! The colors are perfect. The gift card holder is a lovely project. I can imagine so many things to make. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one! lol

Rosemary Sokolowski:
07/17/2018, 09:45:22 PM

Thanks for bringing back such a great collection.

07/17/2018, 09:58:43 PM,

Such a beautiful collection! So glad you brought this back.

Glenda Buster:
07/17/2018, 10:10:06 PM

Maria, lovely gift card and tutorial. I’m so excited to see The Twelve Days of Christmas Deluxe Collectors Edition! What I have of the original collection left/hoarded in my stash is getting pretty low.

Dianna Dean:
07/17/2018, 10:10:40 PM

So beautiful!!

sabine matagne:
07/17/2018, 11:51:35 PM

Cette collection est merveilleuse ,parfaite pour les fetes!

07/18/2018, 02:36:52 AM

Graphic 45 was the first paper I discovered 5 years ago when I began crafting journals. These days, no matter which several papers I take with me to my hours-long oncology appointments, Graphic 45 is always everyone's favorite. I've made several journals to gift to fellow patients and kind staff who were bitten by the journal bug afterwards. Tho' I've never been inspired to do a completely Christmas journal THIS collection instantly appealed to me and I hope to create something amazing with it for my great-granddaughter's 3rd Christmas. She's fascinated by 'pretty books'. Hope to find it for sale SOON!

Dawn Belger:
07/18/2018, 03:42:56 AM

I loved this line on first release and will be glad to get my hands on the new release.

Fran Diggle:
07/18/2018, 04:50:12 AM

I just love the vibrant colours and all the elements that can be fussy cut, a treasure trove of toppers for cards and tags.

07/18/2018, 04:52:01 AM

One of my favorite graphic 45 papers! Glad to see this returning to grab more!

Stacy Schock:
07/18/2018, 05:30:10 AM

Such a beautiful collection! I love Christmas and this collection puts be in the Christmas spirit!!

Linda Elliott:
07/18/2018, 06:11:26 AM,

This is sooooooooooo beautiful - I can't wait to get my hands on it!! It really is as essential for Christmas as the turkey!! A real need rather than a want. Love it :-)

Dorothy McCarthy:
07/18/2018, 06:20:24 AM,

I love this collection!!!

Dawn Couch:
07/18/2018, 06:41:25 AM

Perfection collection as always. Your collections inspire me in so many ways am this one is no exception. I see some beautiful tags, cards and scrapbooks in my future.

Eleanor Williams:
07/18/2018, 06:42:52 AM

Bought this collection when it first came out. Loved it then & love it now!! G45 always pleases. Thank you fir the chance to win!!

Theodora Hollenbeck:
07/18/2018, 08:04:30 AM

What a beautiful collection for Christmas crafting. I love all the colors. This will be great for Christmas extras, cards and gift boxes.

Susan G:
07/18/2018, 08:14:55 AM

Once again, g45 has created the perfect collection. The colors, designs, graphics are amazing. So incredibly beautiful. This collection so perfectly says Christmas. Love love love every pattern. Thanks for the chance to win. Your products are truly the best.

Bonnie Evans:
07/18/2018, 08:47:22 AM

I have already got a zillion ideas for this collection. Your papers are so addictive. I can never just buy only one part,I have to have the whole collection. And yes I am a G45 hoarder...LOL

Cyndi Stephenson:
07/18/2018, 09:27:39 AM

Absolutely gorgeous collection.

Kathryn Smith:
07/18/2018, 10:39:30 AM

This is a beautiful set, I love it!! Have made so many cards with it, when it first came out. Glad it's back

Sharon Bader:
07/18/2018, 11:10:41 AM

another gorgeous line! and another need-to-have collection for my hoard-vault!!

07/18/2018, 12:47:29 PM

So happy to see the Twelve Days of Christmas designs again! I have just a few from the first time around, and will be sure to buy the whole set this year.

07/18/2018, 01:06:32 PM

What a wonderful collection, as usual they just keep getting better and better.

Gina mcveigh:
07/18/2018, 01:18:31 PM

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ it, so old fashioned and so so pretty , I need this in my life xx

Bev Drake:
07/18/2018, 02:07:06 PM

Great to see these beautiful papers again . I think the colours are more suited to our hot Xmas & have decorations still from last time. I just love Maria's project & can't wait to start using them. G45 is just fantastic. Bev.

Deborah Thomas:
07/18/2018, 03:22:40 PM

I have never seen this collection and don't know how I missed it. Love all the colors and softness of the colors. Projects look fun. Decisions will be hard. If all these sell out fast I hope you will make more right away. Can't afford everything at once.

Pat Blank:
07/18/2018, 05:13:52 PM

WOW ! Lovely.

Laurie McDonald:
07/18/2018, 05:28:17 PM

I love this sooo much!

Vicki Thompson:
07/18/2018, 06:08:28 PM

So happy to see that you bring back collections!! I am new to Graphic 45 and have gobbled up all that I could find of past collections and some were no longer available that makes me sad. Diane you and your daughters are so inspiring I love your story!

Judy Bindner:
07/18/2018, 06:12:01 PM

Three of our family members will be celebrating their first Christmases in new homes this year. That means lots of parties and even more photographs. How wonderful this and any other Graphic 45 sets would be to use in commemorating these very special times!

07/18/2018, 06:13:01 PM


Jennifer Scull:

The colors and designs in this holiday paper collection are so beautiful and vibrant! Perfect for so many craft projects. :)What a wonderful gift card holder your designer has created, too!

Carolyn Hines:
07/18/2018, 09:23:12 PM

It is really difficult to give away any project made with the G45 products. This one is not going to be any easier! I love every one of the Xmas collections.

Gerry Cacciatore:
07/18/2018, 11:26:50 PM

WOW! Gorgeous papers!!!!

Gudveig Mjaanes:
07/19/2018, 01:05:56 AM

So happy you brought this fantastic collection back! Very nice papers!

Deb ONeill:
07/19/2018, 01:47:29 AM

I only have a few pages of this collection left. I'm so glad it's back!!

Virginia D:
07/19/2018, 04:04:38 AM

Thank you so much for bringing back this gorgeous Christmas collection! Definitely a favorite of mine!

Arianna Barbara:
07/19/2018, 04:05:11 AM

Beautiful Xmas collection! Love the Gift Card Holder project!!!

Laëtitia Martel:
07/19/2018, 06:23:26 AM,

Wonderful ! I will be happy to craft with it !

Kelli Smith:
07/19/2018, 07:02:03 AM

Thank you so much for bringing this collection back. I've seen some beautiful projects using it. No one can do 12 days of Christmas quite like G45. This collection is simply gorgeous!

Kelley s Richardson:
07/19/2018, 08:04:17 AM

This is my comment. I love this paper pack. Regency is my favorite era. This is perfect for lots of fussy cutting. I really hope I win.Thanks,

Anne Larkin:
07/19/2018, 09:27:27 AM

Beautiful!!!!! I can't wait to use it for my Christmas Album. Graphic 45 ALWAYS designs the most beautiful images.

07/19/2018, 12:15:01 PM

The colors and designs in this collection are so pretty! It would be difficult to actually use it and not just sit and look at it.

Kathleen E Capachione:
07/19/2018, 12:42:17 PM

Immagine a tree full of g45 tags for ornaments!

Linn Fowler Johnston:
07/19/2018, 01:03:15 PM

Honestly I don't usually care for Christmas papers, too cutesy. This set however had me at hello. The theme, colors,illustrations all are so lovely and classic. I've already told my local shop I want this set.

07/19/2018, 01:20:04 PM

Your Christmas collections are always stunning .....I may have to get this one again!!

Antonius (ton) Holtkamp:
07/19/2018, 01:47:09 PM,

Great to see this line to return! Very good choice to pick a Christmas line for the Special Limited Edition!

Frances Mackay:
07/19/2018, 02:05:05 PM

You really pull the stops out for Christmas. These papers are gorgeous.

Jeannie Cearley:
07/19/2018, 03:27:04 PM

Love this collection, just beautiful.

lynn best:
07/19/2018, 03:54:09 PM

wow oh wow love Christmas and would love to win! thanks

Sue Zorzut:
07/19/2018, 05:59:38 PM

This collection is so elegant. I love the gift holder that was created and who wouldn't love getting something like that for Christmas.

Deb Morgan:
07/19/2018, 06:59:31 PM

Love, love, love!! Everything you do is just so darned beautiful!!

Debbie Siddle:
07/19/2018, 07:45:45 PM

The French hens are so sweet xx

Debbie Siddle:
07/19/2018, 07:46:55 PM

I adore the milkmaids too which remind me of antique porcelain

Debbie Siddle:
07/19/2018, 07:47:58 PM

The turquoise and carmine rose are wonderful colours to use for an alternative Xmas palette.

07/19/2018, 11:22:07 PM

A timeless take on a classic. I love the 12 days of Christmas.

07/20/2018, 01:04:09 AM,

great tutorial and stunning collection!

Jannie Jensen:
07/20/2018, 01:43:46 AM

Oh so many projects to do with these.. Love them

Keri Delien:
07/20/2018, 06:26:05 AM, facebook

Beautiful collection. What's not to love.

07/23/2018, 06:33:17 AM

This was always one of my favorite lines..what am I saying...EVERYONE is my favorite. The colors are so saturated and the arwork just pops off the pages. Stunning!! Thanks for releasing it again..

Nalaine Bersia:
07/23/2018, 05:14:48 PM

I am so in love with this collection. I am a late arrival to the G45 papers (within 3 months)and I was hoping to be able to purchase this paper. Thank you for making it possible for this newcomer.

07/26/2018, 12:18:27 AM,

Oh, my goodness, I'm so excited to see these being issued again! I bought some single sheets of this design years ago and have used them all up. I eagerly await the release coming up soon! I wish I could share a photo here of a heart box I covered with some of these papers.

Mary Kaye Jenrich:
08/11/2018, 07:11:40 PM

You've outdone yourselves! Absolutely gorgeous!

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