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Hello G45ers!

Introducing Graphic 45’s whimsical and fabulous Brand Ambassador, Sabaa Hassan. Sabaa presents this mesmerizing 3D Mini Album featuring our Enchanted Forest – Collector’s Edition!  Watch the video tutorial now to witness the magic unfold as this enchanting mini book comes to life! Be sure to welcome Sabaa back for another year of creative papercrafting inspiration!


Sabaa Hassan – India

2023-2024 Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador


“Hello everyone,

My name is Sabaa Hassan. I am the proud mother of a toddler and a passionate crafter. I handle the page named as Heavenly Handmades 4u.


My journey as a crafter hasn’t always been easy. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood while pursuing my artistic endeavors presented its own set of challenges. However, I believe that challenges only make us stronger and more determined. With every obstacle I faced, my love for crafting grew stronger, and it became a source of joy in my life.


Crafting has always held a special place in my heart. I find immense pleasure and fulfillment in creating unique and personalized pieces through various crafting techniques. Scrapbooking, in particular, has captured my heart. It allows me to combine my love for storytelling, photography, and crafting into one beautiful art form. Preserving precious memories in a visually stunning and heartfelt way is both rewarding and therapeutic for me.


What sets me apart as a crafter is my continuous thirst for learning. I am constantly seeking new techniques, exploring different mediums, and honing my skills to expand my artistic repertoire. 


I have been associated with Graphic 45 since last year and extremely excited to be a part of my favorite brand Graphic 45 community again. Here I can share my journey, learn from fellow crafters, and celebrate the beauty of handmade art. My favorite collection is “Enchanted Forest Collection” and hence I decided to start this new term with my favorite collection. Let’s embrace our uniqueness, ignite our passion for craft, and spread the love for art.


Thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful space.


With lots of love and creativity.


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3D Mini Album 

Tutorial by Sabaa Hassan
Hello, G45ers!

This is Sabaa and I welcome you to our blog post, where we will take you on a creative journey to bring your favorite fantasy world to life. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a magical mini album featuring Enchanted Forest Collector’s Edition of Graphic 45

Get ready to embark on a whimsical adventure as we combine the art of paper crafting with a touch of 3D magic!. 

No fantasy-themed album is complete without the mythical creatures that capture our imaginations. We have created a royal figuring and dragon-filled atmosphere inside the album. We have infused our mini album with the awe-inspiring presence of these legendary creatures.

We have used Tag & Pocket Album-Black to construct my magical album.

The cover page of our mini album is the tone for the entire project. We have created a captivating scene featuring a majestic dragon, a whimsical castle, and a regal queen and ladies. Using various layers of patterned papers and fussy cutouts, we have built a dimensional composition that has come alive within the shadow box frame.

We have guide you through the step-by-step process in our video tutorial of designing and assembling the frame, allowing you to showcase the essence of your fantasy world right from the start.




-Video Tutorial-

3D Mini Album Tutorial – Enchanted Forest – by Sabaa Hassan



-Graphic 45 Supply List-

Enchanted Forest – Collector’s Edition

Tag & Pocket Album-Black











Thank you so much for stopping by and investing your valuable time. Do create and make sure to tag your Graphic 45 creations so we can find them on social media.”

Lots of Love.” ~Sabaa



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Happy Papercrafting!


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