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 Welcome back! Today we have an opportunity to take a peek inside another Brand Ambassador's crafting space. Elena Olinevich shares her Craft Studio Tour where you will learn all about how she uses her own crafting spaces, and like many of us, battles to keep it all organized. We also feature several of our favorite projects she has made since joining our team. Check it out below. 



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Carft Room1a.jpg

Craft Studio Tour

By Elena Olinevich

“Hello G45 fans. Today I will share a bit of my craft corner. I am not so lucky and I don’t have my very own craft room so I share some space with my kids in 2 rooms.

Before I start I will show you my very happy space – it’s my desk.

This is not how I want it to look, but most of the time it normally looks like this:


Carft Room2.jpg

The issue is that I am sharing this desk with my eldest daughter and am short on time to do cleaning after each project I work on. First, I need to stop to take my kids from the school, or – the inspiration left me, or…. many other reasons that I find to avoid the worst thing I hate in my life –  cleaning. So that’s why we bought one more desk for my daughter to do her her homework.

I wish I could hire someone to do cleaning instead of me if they knew where to place all the stuff I have. So, now, everyone knows my creative process.


Ok, anyway sometimes this corner looks tidy and cozy.


Carft Room1b.jpg

 I like to create during the daylight. So I need much of light while I am working. The desk is in front of the table and I have managed to fill it with my crafty things too. This is mostly used for some tools that I used often and some small flowers.

Talking about the flowers, I have about 10 large boxes filled with them. It ‘s paranoia. I know ( the other one – is the paper).


What I have used to do to keep all the things I have, if talking on a budget, includes various shoe or sweet boxes, where I keep all the things that I need. Of course, it’s difficult to keep one color palette, but anyway it helps me to save for the new scrappy stuff


Carft Room3.jpg

As you might have noticed, there is no straight order in my goodies. Well, it’s all because it’s too time-consuming for me. I wish I could have more to time to create, to carry the children, to cook, to read, to enjoy my time, but not cleaning or putting everything into order. Maybe it’s to my disadvantage? Who knows?


Carft Room4.jpg

I also share some space with my youngest son. It seems he is more tidy than I am . If you open the next door….


Carft Room4a.jpg

Again papers and other stuff that is packed almost everywhere in our flat.


I chose the area to place some of my canvases.


Carft Room5.jpg

 …but it was rapidly occupied with more papers, small notes, and my son’s football cups.

So the only way to hide everything is too close the doors and to keep it in shoe boxes with a cover.


Carft Room6.jpg

Not only my works are placed there, but also the sculpt piece made by my daughter, the glass frame made by my son, and so on.

OK, the other space occupied by me is the window with a good light. It’s where I take all the photos. and sometimes I need to wait for a dull day, as if there is a sunny day. It’s a disaster for taking the pictures – too much light in my white room.


Carft Room7.jpg

Instead of using the Light Photo box, I'm using the windowsill. It’s quite wide. To reflect the light coming from the window, I'm using the white large cardstock, several of them – one in front of the window, the other on the backside. I also like to use some artificial flowers or other things such as saved wood, wreaths, or baskets. I only take the shots during the daylight, with no flash, no sun. and yes, a good camera means a lot.


One of the backgrounds I'm using is the wooden one. It was an old wooden fence at our country house. Once we replaced it, I asked my husband to save it for me, and you can see it in my pictures.” ~Elena Olinevich



Elena’s 3 Featured Projects:

enchanted forest, graphic 45, layout, watercolor, elena olinevich, tutorial.jpg

Enchanted Castle – Watercolor Layout

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Enchanted Castle – Watercoloring Video for Graphic 45

Graphic 45 Supplies:



Enchanted Forest, Graphic 45, Elena Olinevich, watercolor.jpg



1, elena olinevich, graphic 45, secret garden, mini, album.jpg

Secret Garden Handmade Memory Album

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Graphic 45 Supplies:

1 secret garden DCE cover layered copy.jpg


2, elena olinevich, graphic 45, secret garden, mini, album, scrapbook.jpg


3, elena olinevich, graphic 45, secret garden.jpg


Halloween in wonderland, graphic 45, album, elena olinevich.jpg

Hallowe’en in Wonderland Scrapbook Album

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Halloween Album Tour Video



Graphic 45 Supplies:



halloween in wonderland, graphic 45, elena olinevich, album.jpg


Thanks for joining us for another fun craft space tour, courtesy of Elena. It is always so interesting to see how other crafters utilize their spaces. We would love to hear your ideas about your ideal crafting space in the comments below, and remember each comment here or on Facebook is a chance to win this week's blog prize! We will see you back here tomorrow with more G45 craft inspiration.


Happy Papercrafting!  

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