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 Looking to update your craft studio?  Do you want great tips on how to stay organized?  Maybe you just wanted to take a peek at what can be done with our brand new, now available collection, Little Women?  Or you were hoping to catch a glimpse into a few of our favorite Magda Cortez tutorials?  Well, today’s blog has it all for you!  First Magda sets us up with an amazing Craft Studio Tour, including a YouTube video.  Following the tour we get to go page by page through her brand new Little Women Mixed Media Album.  Then we share two more of our Magda favorites from the vault, including a Planner video tutorial and an amazing upcycled suitcase Snapguide Tutorial.  So kick up your feet and enjoy all this beauty!  


Craft Studio Tour

By Magda Cortez


“OMG! This time is the time to show you my scraproom… and as many of you know I’m the Queen of movings!!! I’m going to tell you something.. I just unpack and put together my scraproom back in November and maybe by the time you read this post I’ll be moving to another house.. Oh well that’s my life! Hahaha..


Ok.. I’ll tell you what I did to show you the real Magda’s Scraproom.. Because I always look scraprooms and I said ..mmm no.. that’s not real.. Everything clean and not even a pencil in a place where it not belong.. When I saw those scraprooms I think they never use it.. Don’t you think? Well here is my TWO versions..

Version ONE –   

When my scraproom is ready to work.. I like to clean everything before start a new project then I can mess up in maybe 5 min! ← I suggest to see the video before continue reading!


Magda’s Scraproom Video Tour


Version TWO – 5 minutes after I start a project… Pictures below



Yes.. this is the same desk you saw in the video 😛 and believe me it is clean!



Yes.. I use the floor too!



Who cares if the desk is a mess.. Things on top of others and sometimes my cell phone is buried in all those papers and I can’t find it or my mouse.. That happens to you too?



But you know what.. Believe it or not I like everything in order .. really????



Tip: I use those plastic containers to keep everything in the same place of each collection.

Sometimes I can keep two or three collections in the same container.. Depending how much paper I have.. Inside the containers sometimes I use those freezer plastic bags I think they are 13”x14” to keep every collection, paper, stickers, ephemera cards and also embellishments who can be used in the same collection.



Tip: LABELS! Yes!! I like to label all the wires! On these times we have a wire for every little thing then later we don’t know for what was the wire.. So I label all my wires.. Sometimes I don’t have time to make a nice label but even one from a piece of paper and scotch tape work!



For me containers and labels are the best! That way I always know where everything is at the moment.


Because on this apartment I have lack of light I just got this ring lamp and I’m in so much love! I don’t need anything else.. Also I can attach my video camera so all my problems are solved now! That is an excellent acquisition.


Everywhere I go I love to display my most loved projects and also I start my little collection of souvenirs of the countries I visit..


These are my two shelves with all the staples I have from Graphic 45 and is my stash for my Brand Ambassador Assignments.. The paper is in a different place.



So.. I hope you like the two versions of my scraproom and I would love if you comment something about your scraproom if is similar to mine.. Do you clean to make a mess in 5 min? Or you have your scraproom like a magazine picture? Nah! I don’t think! Hahaha..


Have a wonderful day.. Till next!

Magda Cortez


Little Women Mixed Media Album

By Magda Cortez


Hi All.. Today I’m going to share with you this beautiful mini album I did for Creativation 2018!

The New Little Women Paper collection is to die! I love the florals the ephemera sentiments the color of the collection everything is beautiful!



For my album I used the Mixed Media Album we can personalize using gesso, metallic paints and mists.



I give something unexpected with tiny wood frames..



Tip: Adding different layers of fussy cutting always give a beautiful dimension to our covers.


This Mixed Media Album come with different kind of sheets .. I love the Ivory Sheets because I can use my mists as part of the decoration.


Also the Vellum pages are beautiful.. You just need to be careful if you are going to use the other side plain..


Tip: For the Vellum pages I just add double sided tape to the center of my image then I add another image in the other side to cover my tape.




Always is a good idea to use those Policy envelopes to keep more pictures or memorabilia in our mini albums.


I didn’t use all the sheets who come with the album but they are enough to make a good size mini album and lots of pictures!

Little Women Paper Collection is so beautiful the colors match any kind of pictures.. I  love the blue specifically!


For my back cover I use another image from the collection also with my paints I give an old look to my book.


I kept for years the blue cameo and I love how it look in my book.. It give the final touch of elegance! I hope you like the album and I hope you love the collection as I love it too!


Magda Cortez


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Little Women 12x12 Collection Pack

Staples - Mixed Media Album-Black

Staples - Policy Envelopes-Square Red



Other Supplies:

  • Ribbons and accessories from my stash


Magda’s 2 Featured Projects:

My G45 Planner 2017- Vintage Hollywood- By Magda Cortez- Product of Graphic 45- Photo 01 of 09- with Tutorial.jpg

My G45 Planner 2017

By Magda Cortez

“Did you know Planners are the new trend in Scrapbooking? Woww.. a totally new world to explore! I’m so hooked onto planners now.. I have 5 different ones! Now to count: the Traveler planner, the Notebook Planner, the budget planner, you name it! But my favorite is now the one I just customize and called.. My G45 Planner 2017! Yes!!!!! A G45 planner! I love love the result!

See full post here…


Magda’s 2017 Planner Video Tutorial


My G45 Planner 2017- Vintage Hollywood- By Magda Cortez- Product of Graphic 45- Photo 05 of 09- with Tutorial.jpg


My G45 Planner 2017- Vintage Hollywood- By Magda Cortez- Product of Graphic 45- Photo 06 of 09- with Tutorial.jpg


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Café Parisian 12x12 Pad

Vintage Hollywood 12x12 Pad



DIY Collage.jpgDIY Vintage Suitcase-A Ladies Diary- Magda Cortez - Graphic 45- Tutorial- 01 of 11Upcycled Suitcase

By Magda Cortez


"I have this beautiful Vintage Round Suitcase for long time.. it was a gift from one of my friends and it was perfect for this project!! The DIY Craft Paper is super cool to use for the Decopauge technique and it is what my Vintage suitcase needs to Upcycle and Reuse it!

Decoupage technique is the art of decorating an object gluing paper cutouts in layers.. Also in the interior, I use Washi Tape to cover the inside of the suitcase (just the top)…Did You know this washi tape matches with the DIY Craft Paper I chose ?? It was perfect for my project! And Graphic 45 has it all!!

Tip for Decoupage:

1.Don’t use images who can smear with the top coat.

2. Avoid using thick paper (the softer and more flexible is the best)

3. You can tear your paper to make smoother edges but you can also make cutouts with your scissors."


Check out How to Upcycle a Vintage Round Suitcase by Magda Cortez on Snapguide.
How to Upcycle a Vintage Round Suitcase


DIY Collage.jpgDIY Vintage Suitcase-A Ladies Diary- Magda Cortez - Graphic 45- Tutorial- 01 of 11


Graphic 45 Supplies:

Staples - DIY Craft Paper-Quotes & Newsprint


Weekly Blog Contest

Just leave a comment here on the blog,  Facebook, and/or  Instagram to be entered to win!  Up for grabs, this week is an A Ladies’ Dairy – Deluxe Collector’s Edition, Portrait of a Lady 12×12 Paper Pad, Portrait of a Lady 12×12 Patterns & Solids Pad, Ephemera Cards, Chipboard, Staples, Shabby Chic Keys, Ornate Brads, and Policy Envelopes, a $110 value.  The winner will be announced on the blog, Friday, February 23rd, 2018.


Thank you for joining us for a fun fill blog, we hope you enjoyed everything from the studio tour to the project tips and inspiration.  Please be sure to share your tips below in the comments, we are always eager to learn new organization and creative tips!  Big hugs and thanks to Magda for letting us have a peek into your creative space and sharing your amazing projects and talents.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for a magical Fairie Dust box.  


Happy Papercrafting!

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  1. Oh Magda your craftroom comments were so appreciated. I too have a tiny space and have to totally clean it up after every project of any kind. But then within minutes after starting a new project, it looks like a warzone. So good to read your comments. I was thinking about decoupaging a child’s chair and considering using G45 Splash. So I was really interested in your suitcase project that you decoupaged. But I assume the body of the suitcase was a much lighter weight paper than the quality G45 cardstock. If you get a chance, please give me a comment. And I didn’t realize that G45 is now selling notebooks/albums with rings! You have given me so many ideas. Thank you.

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