Crafting Memories: DIY Album with Two Accordion Albums and a Keepsake Box


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Join Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Linda Roos, in this exclusive tutorial showcasing our enchanting Make a Splash paper collection. Learn to create a timeless DIY album featuring two accordion albums and a keepsake box, capturing cherished moments in a beautifully crafted masterpiece. Watch the keepsake album video tutorial and let your creativity flow!




 Make A Splash Keepsake Album

Tutorial by Linda Roos


“Hi! It’s time for a brand new album tutorial for you all! 

I was thinking why not make an album for not just photos to keep, I wanted to add a box for keepsakes. This album contains two mini albums, that you can easily fit 20 photos in each and a box for other stuff that we collect.  

For example make it into a baby album, lots of photos of the first year and in the box you can put the bracelets you get from the hospital, some hair, their teeth. Or make it into a wedding album and put some decorations from the wedding that you want to collect, or why not a travel album and collect shells, sand or some receipt from that special restaurant. The imagination is endless just to make it happen. 

 Both the big album and the two smaller ones are made the same way, the cover is made in cardstock and after that I decorate the outside with a chipboard to make it more stable. 

Here comes a walkthrough and tutorial video.


-Video Tutorial and Walkthrough-

Keepsake Album Tutorial and Walkthrough



To create this project here are the measurements and the supply list: 


The measurements of the cardstock and the scoring lines you will find in the videos: 


-The box 

8 ½ x 7 ¼ 


-The base 

10 ¼ x 12 and 10 ¼ x 9 ½ 


-The inside 

2 pisces 1 x 6 

4 pisces 1 x 5 

bellyband 1 ½ x 7 

pocket 3 ½ x 7 

plastic 5 x 9 ¼



2 pisces 1 ⅜ x 10

2 pisces 5 ¾ x 10 


-The book 1

5 ½ x 12 and 5 ½ x 2 ¼ 

10 pisces 4 x 5 ½ 


-The book 2 

3 ¾ x 12 and 3 ¾ x 7 ½ 

10 pisces 5 ⅝ x 3 ½ 



Graphic 45 Supply List:


Other supply list: 
  • Tape/glue 
  • plastic 
  • Black cardstock 
  • Magnets 


Hope you like it and find some inspiration for your own projects, happy crafting until next time!”


Love, Linda Roos 














Happy Papercrafting!


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