Crafting Memories: Monthly Folios Tutorial

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Immerse Yourself in Crafting Memories: Join Linda Roos for a tutorial on how to create Monthly Memory Folios, Featuring the vibrant Life is Abundant Calendar Collection. Grab your papers and adhesive and enjoy Linda’s video tutorial! Before we get started, we are excited to announce that our Life is Abundant Kits are now available!





Memory of the Year Folios 

Life Is Abundant

By Linda Roos


“Hi all crafty friends first i want to wish you a happy new year and hope it will give you many great experiences and lots of crafting moments!

This is the time of the year to make a type of calendar or something to put memories of the coming year in. And of course Graphic45 releases a beautiful paperline every year to help us make on. This year it’s Life is Abundant and I get it. Some of you may not like that it is so dark but I just love how the amazing images pop in the black. 

Making a calendar type of album is a bit tricky because it’s 12 months long and tends to be very big. I don’t like big spins. So instead I made 12 folios and a simple folio because it also tends to get a bit boring making 12 folios the same way, LOL. But simple isn’t bad, sometimes simple is really great and turns out really nice. 

I am really happy with the result but I want a nice place to store them so I am making a box for them but I will think about this for a few days, I will post the box on my Instagram if you are curious, Lindas Scrapproom.  









-The Measurements-


A 6 x 10 (2 pieces) 

B 2 x 10 

C 6 x 4 (2 pieces)

D 6 x 5

E 6 x 4

F 6 x 1 ½ 

G 7 x 1 ½ 

H 10 x ¾ 


-Video Tutorial-


To create this project here is the supply list: 


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Other supply list: 

  • Tape/glue 
  • cardstock 


Hope you like it and find some inspiration for your own projects, happy crafting until next time!”


Love, Linda Roos 

Happy Papercrafting!


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