DIY 8×8 Paper Storage Boxes: Organize Your Papercrafting Supplies with Style!


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Welcome to the world of creative organization! In today’s blog post, we’re diving into the realm of papercrafting with a delightful solution to one of the most common dilemmas crafters face: storage for your papers and embellishments. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic covers and scattered paper bits, and say hello to a stylish and practical DIY solution. Join us as we explore Phoebe Tonosaki‘s ingenious video tutorial on crafting your very own 8×8 paper storage boxes. Get ready to elevate your crafting space with organization that’s as beautiful as the creations it holds! Phoebe has used our Life is Abundant and Let’s Get Artsy paper collections, what will you use?


Storage Box Idea 

Tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki 


“Hello everyone, today I am sharing a storage idea which is to handle all our lovely 8” x 8” paper pads!

So often the plastic cover breaks down when we open the pack too many times, and we end up having a lot of bits and bites cut out left over. This storage box will help solve this problem and also it is a good-looking box! 

I am using two collections which I love very much! They sure are eye-catcher and this box will be able to keep 2, maybe even 3 pads of these collection in one box!


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Life is Abundant 8×8 Collection Pack

Let’s Get Artsy 8×8 Collection Pack


This is the video tutorial of this storage idea!


-Video Tutorial- 

Storage Box Idea Tutorial 


No just the 8” paper pad, you will be able to fit in all the stamp sets, Tags & Frames sets as well.


Multiple of this box will help you keep everything clean and tidy ! I hope you try it out !


Until we meet next time!”

Phoebe Tonosaki 








Happy Papercrafting!


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