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As papercrafting enthusiasts we love when form meets function, for example, this stunning home decor piece also doubles as an interactive mini album!  This Album in a Box project has been created in celebration of our #G45Expression Challenge by new Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador, Queen of Paper Arts, Phoebe Tonosaki.  Get to know Phoebe below, and check out her step by step instruction on how to recreate this Voyage Beneath the Sea project.  When you are done, be sure to welcome Phoebe to the G45 family in the comments below.


Phoebe Tonosaki – Japan

2022-2023 Graphic45 Brand Ambassador


My name is Phoebe Tonosaki, I was born in Hong Kong, and moved to Japan after getting married to a Japanese person in 2004. I live in a rural town 2 hours away from Tokyo. While I was born and raised a city girl, life after marriage is bored and slow here until one day I found mixed media, crafting and started my creative journey.

I started my crafty journey with off the page altered art projects, mixed media canvas and mixed media layout, but over the years, I have come to love doing paper albums, junk journal and pop up techniques. Paper can do so many things, express so many emotions, it can be so useful and practical. Paper can create from nothing to everything.

I have always admired G45 collections for its versatile and huge range of different themes and styles. The brand is very popular in my country.  Last year I lost my very close friend Kavi, who has been a G45 ambassador for multiple years. I have been asking for her advice about applying the ambassador call for the past 2 years but still going back and forth. Her sudden pass was shocking, but I also felt that she would like me to join the team she was really fond of. I hope that my time here will honor her and make her smile wherever she is now.

I cannot wait to start my time with Graphic 45 and our fans! Arigatou!


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DIY Album in a Box

By Phoebe Tonosaki


Hello G45 fans and friends,
This is Phoebe Tonosaki from Japan. I am very grateful to share my first project with you as one of the brand ambassadors of 2022/2023.

For my first tutorial, I would like to show you how to create an “album in box “, and also as an introduction of something about myself to you. It is a fun, easy and very pretty project. I am sure you will like it . Before we dive into the details of the making process, let’s see what it looks like first!



This is one of the front sides of the box, the album is inside. I love to spend time creating layers and details on the top of a project, in this case, the surface of the box. I cut the frame out of a piece of chipboard, then wrapped it up with 8” x 8” “Ocean quest” in the collection. So it gives a lot of space to layer up the other paper elements.


The other side of it



the two narrow sides


A view from the top


As you can see I have used the Voyage Beneath the Sea collections to create it . I love love stories of mermaids and also a bit of the mechanical tone of this collection. Have you noticed the cute little claw feet of the box ? it will tell you my deep love for all things mixed media!


I wanted the claw feets to look ancient and well used, so I used a bit of chalky paint to paint it in white, then rusty green. Then I added a thin layer of gold wax on top for finish touches.

Now let me show you the insides of the album.


Because I always want my projects to be able to be sent as a gift, so it is not too oversized, tiny enough to hold in a hand but also has enough elements to fill in personal memories and photos. It has a total of 4 pages, two tags, pockets and photomats!






You can also find a short flip through video on my instagram if you are interested.


Album in a Box Video Tour by Phoebe Tonosaki


Firstly, please get your material ready:

Supply List:

Voyage Beneath the Sea Deluxe Collector’s Edition

Voyage Beneath the Sea 8×8 Paper Pack (Limited Edition)

Antique Brass Claw Feet


Silver cardstock

Gray heavy weight cardstock

Colored thread and seam binding


Foam tape


Now let me explain the steps by steps of how to create this cute decorative project.


-Step by Step Tutorial-


1)Cut chipboard into the correct sizes –

4″ x 6″ 2pcs (wide sides of the box)

2″ x 6″ 2pcs (narrow sides of the box)

2″ x 4″ 1pc (bottom of the box)

3″ x 5.1/2″ 1pc (lid)



2)Cut the follow sizes with silver cardstock , score and fold in 1/2″, then glue on the top of the four sides of the box

1″ x 4″ 2pcs (wide sides of the box)

1″ x 2″ 2pcs (narrow sides of the box)



3)Cut the follow sizes with silver cardstock , score and fold in 1/2″, then use the stripes to bind the insides of the chipboard

1″ x 6″ 2pcs (wide sides of the box)

1″ x 4″ 2pcs  (narrow sides of the box)

1″ x 2″ 2pcs (bottom of the box)





4) On the last piece of chipboard(2″ x 6″) , do not glue the sides first (6″), glue the design paper inside the box first

 Size for the design papers. Here I used paper from Voyage Beneath the Sea 8×8 Paper Pack (Limited Edition)

3.3/4″ x 5.3/4″ 2pcs (wide sides of the box)

1.3/4″ x 5.3/4″ 2pcs (narrow sides of the box)

1.3/4″ x 3.3/4″ 1pcs (bottom of the box)






5) Only then we can finish gluing the insides of the box. We will create the same silver cardstock stripes to bind the outside of the box and lid

1″ x 6″ 4pcs (wide sides of the box)

1″ x 4″ 2pcs (narrow sides of the box)

1″ x 2″ 2pcs (bottom of the box)

1″ x 5.1/2″ 2pcs(lid)

1″ x 3″ 2pcs(lid)



6) Cut design paper and glue on the surface of the box and lid

4″ x 6″ 2pcs (wide sides of the box)

2″ x 6″ 2pcs (narrow sides of the box)

2″ x 4″ 1pc (bottom of the box)

5.1/2″ x 3″ 2pcs(both sides on the lid)




7) Create the hinge of the album with silver cardstock in these sizes:

2.1/2″ x 3.3/4″ 1pc, score at 1/2″, 1″, 1.1/2″ and 2″

1.1/2″ x 3.3/4″ 1pc, score at 1/2″, 1″



8) Glue the smaller silver cardstock in 7) to the center of the bigger one, as in the photo.



9) Cut silver cardstock at these sizes:

a)8″ x 5.3/4″ 4pcs, score and fold at 1/2″ and 4.1/4″,  Attach the 1/2″ to the other side of the cardstock

b)3.3/4″ x 6″ 2pcs, score and fold at 1/2″



10) Glue the 9b) to any 2 of the page created with 9a)



11) Add design paper on the top of all 4 pages, size is 3.1/2″ x 5.1/2″ 12pcs

Here I added a layer of gray heavyweight cardstock on the base to strengthen the pages , size is 3.5/8″ x 5.5/8″ 12pcs. Add design paper on the hinge 1/2″ x 3.3/4″






12) Attach the album to the Lid as spine.


I hope you like my first project . I am looking forward to hearing from you. Come visit me and say hi!”


Phoebe Tonosaki

Instagram –

Youtube –

FB Page –

Pinterest –

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Happy Papercrafting!


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