Decorate Envelopes with Bits and Bobs

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Welcome to the Graphic 45 blog! Today, we’re thrilled to present an inspiring tutorial by the talented Maria Smeshkova. In this #G45Reel and video tutorial, Maria will guide you through the creative process of decorating envelopes using those leftover bits and bobs you have on hand. Featuring the gorgeous Life is Abundant paper collection, this project is perfect for adding to a mini album or gift. Join us and discover how to transform simple envelopes into beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art.



Decorative Envelopes 

Tutorial by Maria Smeshkova

“Hello everyone! Today I want to show you how to decorate envelopes using bits and bobs from other projects. 

   I’ve taken three envelopes from the A2 Cards 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ with Envelopes Ivory set and decorated them. For the first envelope, I used small square or rectangular paper scraps that I cut out into hexagons. Long scrapbook paper strips came in handy for the second envelope and I decorated the third envelope using paper leftovers of various shapes. Then I’ve added a photograph on each background. 

   I like to use these envelopes as pockets for junk journals and travel books.


Tip: You can decorate photo frames using the smallest scrapbook paper scraps. This way all the leftovers will go into the project.


-Video Tutorial-

Decorate Envelopes with Bits and Bobs




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Thank you so much for joining me today! Hugs!” ~Maria













Happy Papercrafting!


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