Nature Notebook Mixed Media Tutorial


Hello, G45ers!

  Happy Friday crafty friends!  Today on the Graphic 45 blog we are pleased to present Janus Zate‘s Mixed Media Layout and Video Tutorial.  In the video Janus shows us how to put our Nature Notebook – Deluxe Collector’s Edition to work to create this gorgeous scrapbook layout.  We encourage you to take some notes and try out these techniques on your next paper crafting adventure.  


Nature Notebook Mixed Media Layout 

By Janus Zate


“Hello G45ers! It’s Janus once again and I’m here to share with you this scrapbook layout I made using Graphic 45’s Nature Notebook.


So I’m putting together a scrapbook of my family’s travel journey for the past 5 years. Most of our travel photos are saved on my phone but I wanted a more tangible memory keeping of our travels. 


Since this pandemic has caused us to forgo any travel plans, I thought it was a good time to make the most out of the time spent at home to create one. Also, it kind of gave us a chance to look back on all the places we’ve already went.


I wanted this to be gender neutral so I chose a black background as my base, and I often use flowers to embellish my designs, I used some cogs and gears for this instead to stick to my current theme.



Tip: Add a splash of bright color (like gold in my case) to add balance to your design and break the monotony without going over the top.



This layout was actually inspired by Graphic 45’s Light-side and Dark-side challenge. And since I often do bright colours for my projects, it was a great way to break away from my normal go-to colors. 


Video Tutorial:

Mixed Media Layout by Janus Zate for Graphic 45



Graphic 45 Supply List:  


Other Materials: 

  • Hot Glue 

  • Scissors

  • Black Scrap Lace Fabric

  • Gold Metallic Watercolor Paint

  • Black acrylic Paint

  • Silver Metallic Wax

  • Wooden Gears/Cogs

  • Modelling Paste & Stencil


Thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed this project.” ~Janus


Nature Notebook Deluxe Collector's Edition


Happy Papercrafting!  


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