Transforming Ceramic Vases with Rub On Transfers


Hello G45ers!

We are thrilled to present a delightful project to elevate your home decor: the Altered Ceramic Vase, adorned with the easy-to-use Grow with Love Rub On Transfers. Join us in marveling at  Tanya Scrap‘s artistry as she guides us through this transformation. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty of the Graphic 45 Grow with Love collection as it breathes life into everyday objects. Without further ado, let’s embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration!





Grow with Love Ceramic Vase Decor

Tutorial by Tanya Scrap


Hello dear G45ers!

I am happy to share my project this month, an altered ceramic Vase for decor featuring the STUNNING Graphic 45 Grow with Love collection.


-Video Walkthrough-


-Video Tutorial-


Herewith the supplies and step-by-step instructions you may use to recreate such a project:


G45 Supplies used:

Grow with Love Collection Rub-On Transfers

Grow with Love Collection Chipboard Tags and Frames


Other Supplies used:

Ceramic Vase/Jug



Acrylic Paint

Jump Ring

Craft Glue

Masking Tape



  1. Prep the ceramic vase with gesso.


  1. Paint the vase with acrylic paint. Give it two coats and leave to dry in between coats.


  1. Place and position the images you wish to use from the transfer sheet onto the surface and apply with the stick provided. You can use a water-based sealant to seal and protect the project.


Tip: use masking tape to adhere the rub-on to the surface thus keeping it in place during the transfer.


  1. Add a jump ring to the chipboard embellishments. Place a piece of ribbon through the jump ring.


  1. Add some ribbon to the handle of the vase and make a bow. Add the chipboard embellishments with the ribbon and make a bow.


  1. Decorate the bottom section of the vase with a piece of ribbon. Adhere with craft glue.






Thanks for stopping by!” ~Tanya

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Happy Papercrafting!
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