Unpacking Memories: The Suitcase Album in a Box

Hello G45ers!

Unlock the magic of nostalgia with this Suitcase Album in a Box. This holiday keepsake album features our pre-made Album in a Box and our Letters to Santa paper collection, now at an irresistible 20% off! Join Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador Sabaa Hassan in an exclusive video tutorial, as she guides you through the art of preserving cherished moments.


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Suitcase Album in Box – Letters to Santa

Tutorial by Sabaa Hassan


“Hello Graphic 45 users! 


The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness, and what better way to capture the spirit of Christmas than through a beautiful Christmas album?

Welcome all my creative souls, I Sabaa Hassan, welcoming you to my beautiful world of creativity.  Today I have an amazing festive album to share. It is named as “SUITCASE ALBUM IN BOX”. 





As we gather with loved ones, exchange gifts, and bask in the warm glow of twinkling lights, a Christmas album can be the perfect soundtrack to complement the festivities. In this blog post, we’ll explore the magic of suitcase shaped Christmas albums, discuss the elements that make them special, and even suggest few tips and ideas to enhance your holiday spirit.


For my today’s project, Letters to Santa 12×12 Collection Pack with Stickers and Album in a Box (Ivory)  from Graphic 45 are the main heroes.


Graphic 45 Supply List:

Album in a Box (Ivory) 

Letters to Santa 12×12 Collection Pack with Stickers

Letters to Santa 12×12 Patterns & Solids Pack

Letters to Santa Ephemera Assortment

Natural Linen Inkpad

Triumphant Red Trim


To start the process the have covered all the pages of “Album in Box”, you can use your creativity and decorate all the pages as per your choices.




Once all the pages will be decorated, we will attach the page spine to the album base.



Now I will cover the outer part of the Album from all the sides.


PS: Not to attach more pattern paper layering between the magnetic closure, as it might impact the sticking power of magnets.




Once done, lets distress all the corners of the box using Natural Linen Ink Pad.



I took contrasting pattern paper now and cut the strip of 1 inch long. This I scored at ¼” and 5/8”, folded, scored and pasted to make a thin strip.






Now I will paste the strip on box to give it a suitcase look. I have given 1” space from left and right side of the box. 



Take another strip of 2” *6” and score at ½” and 1 ½”, fold and paste it to make a strip.

Now I will score at ¾” and 5 ¼” to both the ends of this strip and fold it. This way we will get the handle for my Suitcase Album. 






And that how my Suitcase Album in Box main body is ready. Now we can decorate the album as per our choice. I have decorated the top one corner of my album, making sure it does not interrupt my opening of the flap. 


I have used trim, some ephemeras and handmade flowers for decoration.


I have prepared a step-by-step video tutorial for you all, which will surely help you to create this beautiful Suitcase Album in Box. You can also use some other Graphic 45 papers to create this style of album.





This project was so much fun to make and I am sure you will also love creating it.










Do share and tag Graphic 45, we would love to see what you create.”


Lots of Love,

Sabaa Hassan


Happy Papercrafting!


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